Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Post Number 1500

Today is my blog post #1500.
That's an awful lot of writing in almost 5 years.
Now I know there's a few of you who have been with me this entire time and I'd like to Thank You personally for sticking around.
Also many Thanks to new readers who have found me and keep coming back.
Hope I've managed to entertain you a little bit over the years with my stories (happy, sad or funny), my online programs (good or bad), my opinion (true or false) and of course my rants, lol
Will I make it another 1500 posts?
That's a hard call, but stranger things have happened.
So have a great day and Thanks again for keeping an eye on me!
Cheers to you All :)

Let's get down to business:
JBP-JSS-Tripler: always read the updates when you log into JBP.

Attention 7/10/2012 12:40 AM EDT
Substantial growth of our member base has necessitated the ongoing optimization of our JSS-Tripler Daily Earning payout system. We are currently completing the processing of Friday's earnings and also combining Saturday, Sunday and Monday earnings into a single payout of up to 5% ... in order to catch up.
Rest assured that every JSS-Tripler position will always pay out the full 150%. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

So there you have it.
I checked my own account and have not received that 5% yet. But am I concerned? Nope. Just waiting my turn.
-- Just received: Daily Earnings for Active Positions 2012-07-06 2%
So we're gettin there.

SafeRisk: yep I moved it up a notch on my side bar and here is why.
- First, SR has been running over 60 days with no problems.
- All of those first deposits have matured and paid to members.
- There has been no (admin) advertising campaign yet.
- You have not seen any paid banners on monitors, blogs etc.
So it would only be natural to start advertising now to bring SR to a higher level. Is this the reason it will be reviewed on MNO's blog soon? I would think yes. 
Now, aren't you glad we got in at the start? I sure am :)
PS, my 3rd spend expires tomorrow and I have no doubt it will be paid promptly. Will update then.

Mint.bz: just surfed and checked my account. Looks like another "Spectacle" matured. I've still got a nice chunk of change in this one so will wait till next week to purchase more. That's when I need to pay my monthly membership fee anyway so might as well do all my stuff on the same day.

I'll BBL with my stats on WhirlWind and GoldenPath
Just wanted to give you a warning about a new program that's supposed to be similar to those two.

Got an email from Dave (T2MK and C150) yesterday about a new program he's opening.
Not sure why he's sending me emails when I've clearly told him to DELETE me from both programs and his one-sided forum.
Needless to say, I did not take the time to really read the email since it was just spam IMO.
So before anyone asks me ... I'll answer.
NO! I am not joining anything that that person is running. He has clearly demonstrated to all of us what kind of person he really is and I for one will not be fooled again into thinking he'll run a fair game or treat any of his members with respect. The End :)

Oh yeah ... Goofy. That's one of Olivia's birthday presents. Why did you think I posted that? (snicker)

WhirlWind: wasn't able to view the Grid's yesterday (or today) but just checking my stats ... say's that I've actually made $4 MORE in Grid earnings than I've paid in Subscriptions. That's a good sign. Hope it keeps up.
- Remember to check your stats for: Amount Available for buying One Time Ads: (ex: $3.00) If you have funds in there:
-- Click on "Repurchase Ewallet Buy One-Time Ad's"
And it is just that, one-time ad's. It is NOT a new daily subscription and you can't withdraw it anyway. So might as well spend it. Cool?

GoldenPath: completed another Level 1 matrix.
Gosh these programs are hard to check. All those pages and stats, sheesh. Just show me money in - money out - profit or no profit. Who's got time for all this when you're playing in several at once?
I prefer the easy sites, where you just need to look one place and have all your answers.

Since we're on the Disney theme... just got this cute pic from my friend Paul in Hawaii. He and I used to be business partners long before I started blogging. And of course we're still friends. Thanks Pauly, hope all is well in Paradise xoxoxo 


Randy V said...

Congratulations Judy. 1500 down and thousands more to go. I don't comment every day but I do check on you every day. I appreciate you and I look forward to what you have to say each day.

Have a super day today!!!


blondie said...

Hi Randy,
did you say thousands? LOL

Well I do know you're one of those who has been here with me this entire time. I've known you almost 10 years now? Something like that eh?

Appreciate you always checking up on me and have a super day yourself!
Bye sweetie ;)

doomcrew said...

One of the first blogs I check daily so please stick around for many years as we appreciate what you do.

As far as JBP goes Im still shocked that this is even an option for us given the years of having to diversify among a bunch of sites and trying to judge when they will fail. To be able to upgrade and know its going to be around forever is odd but truly incredible.

blondie said...

Hi DC and Thanks!

Yeah I know what you mean about JBP.
But not everyone is involved in it so that's why I like to give options to those people.

Actually saw another blogger remove JBP from his site. Made me laugh.

So what if there's a script update for payments which causes a little delay?
I'll go with the flow for as long as we both shall live.

Take care DC

naphtali said...

Congrats on 1500 posts Judy. I don't always comment, but I always read your posts. Keep up the good work.

blondie said...

Thanks Greg,
(another friend who's known me a long long time, lol)
Nice to see you as always :)
Have a good day buddy!

Unknown said...

hi judy, congrates for a 1500 blog....... I love your blog. Everyday i read your blog. You really one of the best that i have ever met in my life. Keep it up this good work. Everyday i pray to god for your long and happy life. Cheers!

blondie said...

Thank You @amit.
Hope you're doing well.
You're very sweet and deserve all the good things this world has to offer.
Cheers to you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 1500 milestone, you have a great blog and I look forward to reading it.

I'm also glad you're warning your readers about Goofy Dave's new matrix. I would NEVER join another of his programs in a million years. He is nothing but an incompetent thief and liar. I wish his sheep would wake up and smell the coffee.

Thanks for all you do!

blondie said...

Thank you Anonymous ;)

Nice to see we think alike about Goofy, hehe

I do my best.
TY again.

Gord said...

Happy 1500th Blondie!!

Yep.. when you think back through
all that writing and the history.

As you said.. good and bad times...
a big achievement for sure.

Time for a book!

Blondie's Life in Blog!

I'd buy it

Of course I'll deny everything
if I'm mentioned.. a womanizer!
OK.. who wrote that!!?? eh?

Post 2000 is the next milestone.

All the best!

blondie said...

Hey Gord,

YOU, a womanizer? (roll eyes)

Where is Susan when I need her, hehe

Thanks for the Congrats and 2,000 is a long way away.
BUT my 5 yr anniversary will be in Oct. Yippee!

Later Mr G (wave)

soulMerlin said...

Hi Judy...the stars for me over the last three months are...Saferisk and Mint.

Hugo Lingenfelder and Chris Mint are excellent. The thing about Chris is that the whole site is so unbelievable...he produces a constant up to...2.7% and has a regular newsletter...his withdrawals are within a few hours...and he always appears so...well..."cheery"...a bit like Christopher Robin running a "hybrid"

I guess the "truth" about this site will come when he has to handle his first restart...but so far, I think he could handle it well...

...but the one thing I really know about Mint and Chris is that He is really Honest and that is rare in this strange online world.

The Golden Path has been good news for me all along (I joined in the first week) and I'm really pleased with the results...Hang on in there Blondie!!!!

Hope you're well



blondie said...

Hi Henry, Thanks!

Golden Path ... should have joined sooner but it seems to be catching up now. So my 1 month deposit should work out OK.

Yeah the Mint has been excellent.
So has Safe Risk even though Hugo is the quiet type.

Whatever works and is honest is all could ask for.

Later :)

Profit Hub said...

Congrats Blondie on your 1500th post. I remember when I first tuned into your blog along with Gord's, Pete's, Rod's, and formerly John's. You and Gord have managed to stay the course and I appreciate all of the good info and honesty that you provide. Here's to another 1500!

blondie said...

Hi Gwen,
You've been around a long time yourself kiddo with a fantastic blog of your own.

Thinking about your comment ...
Rod went to "work".
Pete petered out, maybe.
And JS, well :(
Guess it's just us still standing eh?

Will I make it another 1500?
Not sure but I'll keep going as long as I feel like I'm helping others. You know what I mean.

Have a great week!

Elmer said...

Congrats on your 1500'th post.

blondie said...

Thanks Elmer,
Always nice to see you :)

laidback said...

Congrats on 1500, but that's not much of an accomplishment for a woman...(sorry, just couldn't resist and I AM joking...!)Hope you have many more!

blondie said...

So laidback...

You're saying that I DON'T talk too much for a woman? LOL

Well sometimes I don't.
Just depends on the circumstances.

Thanks for the visit (I think)