Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hey Good Lookin, What Cha Got Cookin?

Looks like Chef O-Rae has her hands full. Standing in her new Olivia sized kitchen while feeding her baby some orange juice. Ahhh, the life of a busy mother! LOL

So you all caught up on the JustBeenPaid reading from yesterday? I was really happy to see those updates and do hope that a lot of those things can get moving before too long.
I do realize it's been difficult to "catch" the withdraw button and I'm also hoping that things will become more stable in that department once the script changes and modifications are complete.

Egopay does not have any banners to use yet so all I can post for now is their Link (with my ref ID attached to it, of course).
I'm going to wait to fund it and since funding via Payza is supposed to be instant, no hurry for me. Will be interesting to see how this all works out.
Also don't forget:
Bonus: if you know others who will need this pay processor, share your Egopay referral link (as I am) and you will receive...

EgoPay offers a simple yet affiliate referral program.
You will earn 1% of all deposits from your referrals for life each time they fund their account using Exchangers or Payza.
For instance, if someone you referred, funds his or her account with $5,000 via Payza, you will receive $50 for that single transaction!
You will find your EgoPay affiliate link by navigating to your Profile and then select the Referral tab inside your account.

SafeRisk: requested a w/d yesterday, received it today AND made another deposit as well. All is good from where I sit. Thanks Hugo & members!

GBC: GrandBankClub: thought Gord was going to make a change soon so am waiting patiently for him to make up his mind. You know how men are, hehe is still doing great and I just requested another small cash out. Also today (or was it yesterday?) I renewed my "Dragonfly" membership for another month.

WhirlWind: decided to start checking my account "Stats" in the AM now instead of the afternoon. So as of today, I've spent $40 in purchasing grids and received $41 in cycling grids.
Now don't forget to use the "Amount available" for purchasing One-Time-Ad's. You can't withdraw it so might was well put it to good use.


doomcrew said...

I made a egopay banner image if you want to use it .

blondie said...

Thanks doomcrew but I managed to get an official (but small one) from a support staff member... after a bit of sweet talking that is, LOL
They're creating them now so not linked yet. Had to save it to my files then add the URL.

Kuntal Debnath said...

Hi Blondie,
Everyone talk about money but I talk about your daughter. She is very sweet. If I meet to your daughter in future I will be kiss her. Best of luck for her bright future.

blondie said...

Well Kuntal,
Thank you but that's not my daughter. That's my Grand Daughter :)
Yes she's a cute one.