Thursday, July 5, 2012

Updates and more ...

JBP-JSS-Tripler: Three things of interest,
1 - (from the mmg forum)
new bug...All my position disappeared
Total active positions: -1 ??

So if this happened to YOU, you're not alone.
- YES, there was a bug last night and it should be OK now. If not, clear your browser & cookies and/or try a different browser.
2 - Wed Tripler earnings are running now. Next they'll do Thursdays. Then they're decide what to do about the missing Tues earnings later in the day.
3 - (from their facebook page) 
Attention: Members who appear to be missing payments for a particular day please do not send in any support tickets. Be assured all Triplers purchased by members will achieve 150% when they mature. Additional days maybe added at the end to ensure this. Regarding withdrawals, we thank you for your patience and we ask our members not to send in any support tickets regarding this also. If the daily limit is reached you will have to try again. System delays are being addressed and we will update you when we have further news. Finally, Any members that spam this page will be removed from the page along with their posts. Thank you!

WhirlWind: posted about 10:45 MST:
UWW Latest Known Grid Purchases and Cycles
Latest Known Grid 1 Purchase - 100247561
Latest Known Grid 1 Cycle - 100054779
Latest Known Grid 2 Cycle - 200012315
Latest Known Grid 3 Cycle - 300003287
Latest Known Grid 4 Cycle - 400000810
Latest Known Grid 5 Cycle - 500000178

I'll check my own numbers later. I like to do it about the same time each day to get a feel for what happened during the last 24 hours. I'm not one of those who sit there and refresh constantly. Besides, I have other things to do :)
-- Cycled 2 of my Grid 1's today. That's the first time I've cycled in 3 days. So if you joined after I did, be prepared for a wait, OK

SafeRisk: my 2nd deposit was returned to me today. I like this Admin and this program, so I decided to put it back in for another round. Had a little leftover afterwards so requested a cash out.

GoldenPath: since this time yesterday:
Completed another Level 1 matrix, and
Completed another Level 2 matrix.
Will it keep up? I have no idea. did my daily surfing, checked my profit share numbers, and that's it.

- It's so hot in here again!
I am so sick of this dry heat, I could just spit.
There are a few clouds coming in though, and my friend Robert tells me it's going to rain at 5 PM. No he's not a weatherman, just checking the forecast for me. I sure hope he's right since half of my backyard grass is dead already!

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