Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cooler Today and ...

Hey... it's only going to be 90F here today instead of 100F. I think it's time to do some housework.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: still searching for those magic times when a withdraw request will go through. My friend Wesley said between 1-2 PM EST has worked for him with STP. So I'm watching the clock and will let you know.
WAIT... STP is Open Right Now. Go Go Go !!!
So for future reference, that happened at approx. 11:50 EST.

SafeRisk: made another spend today using my account balance. I'm not one to HAR these programs especially when I have referrals. I like to think that they're making money as well and certainly don't need to hog it all for myself. Anyway, glad to see that it's still doing good :) is it just me or did we not get any emails from them overnight? Went to do my surfing and noticed my account balance was the same as yesterday, and I'm real sure that I did surf yesterday.
- OK, I found it. It's under "Rating History". I did surf yesterday but no earnings yet. Hope they're not having a problem.
-- Sent in a Support Ticket and just received this reply:
It seems during the server upgrade something went wrong and no one earned. I already contacted the server center and earnings should appear soon.

WhirlWind: ok, let's go check...
Funds used in subscriptions: $52.00
Total Grid earnings: $48.35
Well, not very exciting is it?
I would have thought that since I joined on day one and after almost a month, the earnings would outweigh the spends. Maybe tomorrow.
Next time I just need to study the site more and listen to the promoters less. (Not that there will be a next time :)

Tried to PIF some funds in GoldenPath today, but they turned that feature OFF. They also wrote that when they turn it back on, you'll need to send in your ID's before you can PIF or withdraw. Well that really sucks.

Double Credits today at ShowBizHits. They're also having some sort of promo where you need to surf 75 sites to qualify. OK, I do that for a while, good excuse to postpone dusting and vacuuming, hehe

Lookie here ... 
Olivia is included in the Artist/Photographer's Portfolio, twice.
Guess I have a famous grand daughter now.


soulMerlin said...

Hi Judy,


Yes I had the same today and I know I did surf...checked ratings history like you...but I got my weekly payout today, right on time - hey ho..
let's see
SafeRisk ...cashout shows transaction completed in saferisk 23hours ago...nothing in EgoPay as yet

SilverStructure = RIP

Enr-G Well another one gone

Jss - paid and received on Ego (gosh!)

I've cracked open a bottle of good part of the day



blondie said...


Mint, just added a note about that. It's being fixed now.

I think EgoPay is slow.

SS and Enr-G, sorry to hear that.

JBP - still alive and kicking.

Oh got a pic to show you.
When I can find it.

Cheers Henry and Enjoy :)

blondie said...

Will post the pic tomorrow.
You'll like it.

laidback said...

She is a cutie-pie, must have a beautiful grandma...!

blondie said...

Yeah she does ... but not me, LOL

It's her Mama that she resembles which is my daughter in law.

It's all good.
She's a keeper for sure.

Thanks LB