Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Monday

JBP-JSS-Tripler: wonder if the restart will happen today? What do you guys think? I think it won't happen for a few more days, but that's just my opinion and nothing more.
Also interested to see if 50% of eligible Triplers converted will be the max or not for larger accounts. Don't know what constitutes a larger account either. Only Frederick and Carl know ahead of time and they're not telling us, lol

- Here's some excellent News added today to the JSS updates:
The difficulties previously experienced by the Funding and Withdrawal Departments have been resolved. We experienced an issue with STP funding (caused by receiving incomplete data from the STP server), which STP tech support has corrected. The current daily individual withdrawal limit for all 4 payment processors is $500. The OVERALL withdrawal limit for STP has been raised considerably. 
-- Just had my first withdraw from JBP to EgoPay show up.

Nice :)

SafeRisk: doing marvelous :) Made a new spend/purchase yesterday. Next time, I'll cash out a little. they must be working on the site and/or their own restart. Logging in was really slow today and never could get the surf button to work. Will try again later.

-- 3 hours later, Mint Surf is working fine.

WhirlWind: am happy to report that 2 of my Level 4 Grids cycled, finally. So my money stats as of this morning was:
Funds used in sub's: $62.00
Total Grid earnings: $85.84
Yippee! About time eh?

-- As much as I appreciate nice long comments here about our programs, if you choose to post as anonymous but don't have the guts to sign your name, your comment may or may not be published.
Just sayin :) 


robertg said...

thanks again for all the great imformation you give us. heck you keep me informed so well I know what to do next. and I always agree with the moves you make.robertg.

doomcrew said...

I would say second week of August the restart will happen but at this stage I give them as much slack as possible given its success.

blondie said...

Thanks Robert,
Am happy to report that my moves usually end up in profit, LOL

Hey doomcrew,
You wanna make a bet?
I'm sort of shooting for Aug 3rd, this Friday.
If it doesn't happen by then, you win!

doomcrew said...

I guess we all win with jbp.

Anonymous said...

The restart was a little less painful than I anticipated. Not too enamored with the cash payout, but happy with the amount of positions that went untouched.

blondie said...

Yes doomcrew, we do :)

Good to hear anonymous.
You didn't sign your name but I know who this is because I just read the exact same post in MMG. :p

Barry said...

Hi judy,

I got hit with 75% on jss restart, thought they said 50%?
But guess its still going, so shan't moan,


blondie said...

Hi Barry,
I got hit with 75% also.
I'll update about it when I get back. Have to run out for a bit now.