Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July, whether it's a Holiday where you live or not. Always a good excuse to get together, BBQ and party.
But it's 95 degrees here as I speak. Too hot to be outside IMO.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: nothing new to report really.
Still a day or two behind with the daily Tripler earnings, but as long as they come regular, that's fine.
- Just tried to withdraw via Payza. Noticed the limit is now $500 instead of $1000. Good call JBP. Now, more of the members can succeed when doing a Payza request. Thumbs up!

WhirlWind: thought this one would be easier to keep track of. It's just not making such sense to me right now. Unless there is something wrong with my account. hmmm
Since this time yesterday... I'm down another $2 (that's OK, it's my daily sub purchase). But once again, no cycling for me.
Will try to find the latest Grid numbers that cycled to compare to mine.
3:40 MST: here we go - posted at MMG about an hour ago:
UWW Latest Known Grid Purchases and Cycles
Latest Known Grid 1 Purchase - 100213693
Latest Known Grid 1 Cycle - 100045209
Latest Known Grid 2 Cycle - 200011434
Latest Known Grid 3 Cycle - 300002409
Latest Known Grid 4 Cycle - 400000658
Latest Known Grid 5 Cycle - 500000161
My next Grid 1 is: 100054288
My next Grid 2 is: 200027598
Guess that explains it.

Safe Risk: has a new look. The banners are the same (so far) but the site has a fresh new look to it. I like it.
Tomorrow I should have another principal returned and plan on putting it back in for another round like I did my first one.

GoldenPath: completed a level 1 and a level 2 matrix since yesterday. So at least my acct balance went up a little instead of down. Hope it continues on the same 'path', lol

GBC: always good. (Don't let it go to your head Gord) finally completed my first Advanced position and it was retired at 180%. I have quite a few more running so will play it by ear and purchase more when I get the urge.

- Was waiting for a picture of Olivia in her 4th of July outfit. I see one pic in my Son's facebook BUT you can't see her skirt, and that was the best part of outfit. I'll have to bug him about that.


jeni said...

Hi Judie :)

May I know, do you send your ID to Golden Path admin yet ?

I am still doubt to send mine, so I am asking

blondie said...

Hi Jeni,

Nope. I have not sent my ID's to GP, and if they demand it, I'm dropping out.

There are too may thieves on the net these days and I am not trusting them (or their secured site) with my personal info.

Don't let me sway your opinion though. That's just mine.
I've been a victim in the past and do not want to have to deal with it again.

Happy 4th !!!

Terence said...

Hi Judy,

Latest spot bought for Grid 1 is 229k. You should be cycling anytime now in Whirlwind.

Terence said...


How does this GBC work? I find it hard to understand the website. =/

Unknown said...

hi today i have checked out my jbp account , shocked to see that i have lost all my jss tripler active positions and i have lost all my refferals also. Even i am not getting my payouts from last couple of days. Geeting a problem in submitting support ticket. Plz check your account and tell me whether this is happening with your account also or not.

Elmer said...

Just a heads up on that wirlwind sca...errrr....program.

They now talking about "foundation members" in the latest update. Seems we have seen that once before. (I can't remember program name but it will come to me).

Get seed out real fast is my advice.

blondie said...

Thanks for the WW info Terence.
I'll try to find you a good link to GBC that explains it.

@amit, read todays post. It has happened to others. I'll see what I can find out about it and let everyone know.

Elmer yes, seems to be big players and big promoters in this one.
I'm in with a whooping 2 sub's so hopefully will be OK.
And you know I never 'suggest' to anyone how much to play with (like others do) and we should never play beyond our means.

Enjoy your week :)