Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just Updates

JBP-JSS-Tripler: you guys getting tired of seeing this?
Sorry, the overall daily limit for this payment processor has been reached.
In order to maintain a balance between available funds in the various payment processors,
we have both overall and individual daily withdrawal limits for each processor.
We recommend trying earlier in the day, or at a different payment processor.

I know I sure am.
I've been buying Triplers like crazy but I would still like to withdraw once in a while and it's getting difficult.
No, I don't believe the stories from those not in the program about the reason for the limited funds. Frederick has explained this in his conference calls and that's good enough for me.
Guess I just miss the "old days" when there was one pay processor and withdrawals always went through the first time.

SafeRisk: is doing excellent and I did receive a payout yesterday. Two days prior on Saturday, I made a new spend. So I'm happy with the program and the Admin and my earnings thus far :)

GBC: still need to re-read Gords update and will post.

Mint.bz: received two payments today, one LR and one Payza. Payza? I wonder if they're not affected by the Payza vs EgoPay thing? Hmmm I'll have to dig into that deeper.
* See comments about that. Another member has already asked.

WhirlWind: well, here's my stats as of this morning:
Spent $50 on purchases so far. 
Earned $43.85 in Grid cycling.
So it appears to me that cycling is definitely slowing down and if anyone were to join today, you would want to tell them to fund enough to cover 60 days of sub's rather than 30, just to be on the safe side.
- Am I suggesting you join today? Nope.
- Am I thinking about taking the banner off my side bar? Yep.
So I'll ponder on that for a bit. Don't want to show you something that's not working as I hoped it would.
But I'm sure you all read my notes here and not just click on banners, right? OK Cool :)

So the next question becomes...
Am I going to join that new 'Buku' one for $5 per day? Nope.
Between Golden Path and Whirl Wind, I think I've had enough of these types of subscription / matrix / cyclers, but that's just me.
Oh and Dave from T2MK is launching one too. OMGosh! I wouldn't touch anything from that Admin ever again. I know a lot more than I write so please don't let yourself be fooled into yet another catastrophe just waiting to happen.

Alright, I am off to cook some bacon before the sun shines on my stove. Nothing worse than cooking bacon and yourself at the same time, LOL


soulMerlin said...

I asked Mint that question and it seems that they are still licenced to Payza...I'm still saving up my pennies to get to the $500 bank withdrawal limit...but I'm tempted to try a withdrawal of say...£150 (just under £100 GB...I'll sleep on it.



ps: It's odd but I think they have not put a foot wrong since they started and yet they don't seem to be as popular as I think they should...perhaps people want problem programmes...success can be boring

blondie said...

Thanks for the info Henry.

Yeah, you could be right.
Programs that work good day-in and day-out leave no room for anxiety.
We humans are weird creatures, LOL


soulMerlin said...

...So I had a little think and decided to draw $100 to Payza...so it's 11.30pm here (about 6 hrs ahead of you I think)...I'll report on it's progress as it goes (hopefully) to Payza and then if it makes it..on to my Alertpay/Payza debit card. It should be interesting...

I've made three withdrawals via EgoPay since Saturday and none have gone through yet.

1. Withdraw from Jss on Saturday (I had followed your advice and made a deposit to Jss to quicken account verification) So far Nothing...

2. Withdrawal from SilverStructure (I hear they've gone to the wall) so...

3 Withdrawal from SafeRisk...Nothing yet...

...all done yesterday, so not too worried, except that SafeRisk normally pays within a couple of hours and Silverstructure almost immediate...

Not been a good week so far.



blondie said...

OK Henry,
My Payza req from yesterday was received today from Mint.

Haven't been able to get an Ego to go through yet at JBP, but I heard it's a little slower than the norm.

Am not in Silver so no comment.

SafeRisk is usually pretty fast. But STP never notified me. When I checked, it was there.

All caught up.
Have a good evening :)

soulMerlin said...

Don't bother to answer this, but according to SafeRisk, my withdrawal was completed around 11 hours ago, and yet it has not been recorded in my EgoPay account. So I contemplate the usual boring and angering process of tracing the 'lost' money. It makes me furious when I think of how quickly they took my money and transferred it...

Sorry to spread a little angst, but the real problems about internet earnings seem to be about Government regulations and unprepared and inefficient payment processors - and of course they are here to help us.

I'll calm down and get some sleep and apologise for dumping on you



blondie said...

No problem Henry.

I know there are a lot of frustrating things 'online', but I've been here for so long that they don't phase me like they used to.
Sorry to say that but it's always somethin :(

Hope you sleep well.

Profit Hub said...

Hi Blondie!
I couldn't agree with you more regarding Unstoppable Whirlwind. So far, I have funded my wallet with a total of $60. I spent way less to fund TGP and its daily subscription is twice that of UW! Quite frankly, I thought it would be self-sustaining by now with all of the supposed fast cycling that is supposed to be occurring. I too have been contemplating moving the banner off of my site, but I thought I might have been too critical. I'm going to pass on that $5 daily sub program that just came out and I'm running for the hills from anything that Dave of T2MK puts out! I'm relieved to see that you share some of my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Just for some information. I requested a jbp payout to ego pay and it took 2 to 3 days then I got an email from jbp saying it had been completed. It also said it may take up to 48 hours to show up in my account. About 8 hours later it was there in my ego pay account.
I suggest be patient they might be having teething problems.

Good luck

blondie said...

Well Gwen,
You and I are much the same with regards to our promoting or "sharing" as I prefer to call it.
We don't share just to see tons of RC in our accounts.
We share things that we hope will work for everyone and try to give good advise about things that won't.
Cheers to you too!

Hi Marty,
Thanks for the update re JBP and EgoPay.
I haven't been able to 'catch' that w/d button for a few days now but if Ego is open when I try, I will certainly give it a shot.
Have a great day!