Friday, July 6, 2012

Used Car Salesmen


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When I logged in and read that, had to go check...
"Daily Earnings for Active Positions 2012-07-04 2%"
Alrighty then. Wed was credited just fine.
Waiting on Thurs now then will see what they decide to do about Tues.

WhirlWind: OMGosh. They upped the maximum sub's you can buy to 100. That's 100 at $1 each ... Per Day!! Now I see some promoters are suggesting their referrals go for it, but are they? (snicker) I'll stick to my 2 sub's for now and see how it goes. Will be back later with some stats.
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That's all for today.

The New HYIP isn't quite ready, but almost. Admin wants to be sure all his t's are crossed and his i's are dotted. Will post when I have news.

Here's some good SolidTrustPay news:
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Suffice it to say that members in Arkansas, North Dakota and Virginia will be able to withdraw funds again.
Stay tuned for this great news !

Couldn't help but think of this yesterday.
Not only do our Spam emails sound like used car salesmen... it's spread into the forums now too.

Reading notes from the "promoters" (some of which are Paid to Post), brought this to mind.

Now a Used Car Salesman will tell you that everything on that Car works fine and should last a good long time after you drive it off the lot.

But the reality is, it's got a lot of miles on it, all the nuts and bolts are loose and it'll break down soon after purchase. But there are no guarantees on used cars. The main goal of that salesman is getting their commission in their greedy little pocket at your expense.

Beware of these used car guys (or gals) and don't follow them blindly. Do your homework, stay level headed and be your own judge. Don't be fooled into something that doesn't sound or look right to you... or your pocket book.


laidback said...

Great analogy and good advice. Blindly following pushers like (you know who...)is hazardous to0 your financial health.

blondie said...

hehe laidback,
Yeah there's a few of them out there.
Scary isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of used car salesmen Blondie, I found one myself today, in the general chat area.
I had to comment, of course. lol
So needless to say, I enjoyed your blog today. Good stuff like always. Keep it up, my dear.


blondie said...

Thanks for stopping by Tree and glad you enjoyed my write up :)

Also glad to hear that others could relate to what I was saying.

Maybe I've just been around this 'business' too long and hate hearing the same crap year after year, LOL

Take care and enjoy your weekend!

Unknown said...

Hi judy, i have lost my money in a second hand car last year. Salesman have given me somany gurantees but all these things had been disappear when i had given him money. I am only 19 years old. Not much experience about this cruel world. Thanx for your advice.but it was too late for me. That is why i love your blog. I hope your blog will remain on net till i die. @amit

blondie said...

Sorry to hear about your used car @amit.
But those types of salesmen are in every business.
You just need to be aware that their goals are not necessarily to help you.
Have a good day!

Serge said...

I would be better to talk to salesmen who would be frank enough to tell you everything about a car, rather than talk to one who would stop at nothing just to sell you a car.