Saturday, July 21, 2012

EgoPay Notes

Egopay: When I set up my account, I set it up as a "Personal" account and not a "Business" account. If you created a Business account by mistake, you can just open a new one as Personal. You ARE allowed to have more than one account in Egopay if you need or want it.

Funding to Egopay from Payza:
- Logged into my Egopay account.
- Clicked on the Deposit tab.
- Clicked on the Payza tab.
- Enter the amount you want to fund with.
- Next page is your Confirmation, then it will take you to Payza.
- Log into your Payza account.
- Confirm the amount. Enter your PIN code.
- Then the Egopay site will come back and show you the Transaction Details in your Wallet.
OK, so from $100 transfer, I received $95.51* after fees.

Now, I'm going to go to JustBeenPaid and add some Egopay funds there.
(Note that JBP has replaced Payza with EgoPay for funding and withdrawals, so be sure to add your EgoPay email to your JBP Profile.)
- Log into JBP, then click on JSS.
- Then click on Financial.
- 5 boxes down is 'Fund JSS account'.
- I'm only going to do $10 now to be sure it works.
- Select your Pay Processor (EgoPay).
- Log into Egopay, enter your PIN code.
- Confirm your payment then Submit.
Next page said I sent money, then took me back to JSS.
- Click on Financial Link again (to refresh) and there it is!
Cool, that was easy :)

So now that I've funded my JBP account with Egopay, the first time I need to withdraw from JBP to Egopay, it will make it easy for them to Verify my email address in Egopay to send to.
Make sense? If not, read it again :)

* NOTE re EgoPay Fees:
Per Payza fee schedule: 
"Note: Higher fees apply to some industries: 3.90 % + $0.59 USD for receiving funds."
So we DO have to pay that fee when we fund Egopay via Payza. 
Payza is considered one of their exchangers. 
The 1% + .25 advertised fee in Egopay will apply to member-to-member transactions.
We will also pay 2% to send money From Egopay back to Payza. 
Then of course, our Payza fee to receive it.
Did you get all that?

SafeRisk: checked my account this morning and decided to put my earnings and a little RC back into the program. Also didn't notice anything about them NOT being able to use Payza, which I find odd. Maybe the site just hasn't been updated yet. Will check later or tomorrow.
UPDATEWe are changing from Payza to EgoPay and will continue to make payments from Payza deposits to your Payza email address when you request. The only difference is that the payment will be sent to EgoPay instead of Payza.EgoPay will automatically send you an email when funds have arrived and you can create an account there, using your Payza email address or add it as an EgoPay wallet in existing Egopay account.If you have any questions or need some help with this, please submit a ticket and we will be happy to assist you. had another Spectacle token expire so I replaced that one. Two days ago I paid for another month of Dragonfly membership so might as well make good use of it.

WhirlWind: what was that Doppler thingy they wrote about that started at 11 AM EST yesterday? The one that was gonna rock our world?
Here's my current account stats:
- Funds used in Subscriptions: $44.00
- Total Grid Earnings: $42.45
Yesterday at the same time, it was $42 in and earned $40.98
So not much difference really. Maybe it hasn't reached me yet :(

GBC/GrandBankClub: Gord just sent out an update about GBC. Once I decipher the Canadian lingo to American, I'll update here :)

OK, I'm done for now. 
It's another 100F here again today and I'm roasting.
Thanks for the "Heat Wave" song Pauly ... while you're mellowing in the cool Hawaiian Islands which has never seen a 100 degree temperature. Aloha!


Henry said...

Hi Judy,

...In the end, I chose to sign up as one of your referrals, thanks to your very useful break-down of Ego/Payza...

...The good news is that SafeRisk now has EgoPay on their website!

If Mint follows suit, I will be delighted...If not, I've added my bank account to my profile there and will have to put up with a two to three weeks wait between withdrawals, due to their $500 minimum...better that than trapped money....

...I've been trying since April to get my STP account bank verified, but anything other than standard verified seems to be denied to me - perhaps because I'm from the UK - I've just about given up on them...

SilverStructure has adopted Ego, but ENR-G has not - I think the latter has gone to the wall - shame, because they're based about 20 miles from me - one of the few UK based HYIP's...

...All in all a tense, but not hopeless time for those whose main income is 'online'...This coming week should prove 'interesting'

In space, no one can hear you scream!



Henry said...

...I've just re-visited SafeRisk...their withdrawal page makes it so simple. Silent Hugo is so efficient and 'cool'....

...I hope they are around for a long time...but if the company also trade in this simple uncomplicated way, I think they might!



blondie said...

Hi Henry,
Yes Hugo is very cool and very well organized.
I just knew he'd come up with a solution and he did.

Sorry to hear about ENR-G but I also heard they were ... done.

I'm here late tonight so gotta run. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Since you didn't reply to my comment of last night Blondie, I have to presume it didn't go through.
I used my gmail instead of going anonymous.

So I will ask again. What is happening to that hyip you mention in your siggy that should have started in July? Were almost August now. lol


blondie said...

Hi Tree,
You're correct.
This is the ONLY comment I got from you.

Don't know about the New HYIP but will try to check on it today.
Thanks for the reminder and have a great week!

Oli said...

im thinking of joining mint, but i heard people only receive 1.49% of their token value per day, in a month where you have to pay a $10 fee, there wont be much left to gain, right?

thanks for your help, blondie!

blondie said...

Hello Oli,
That is correct, if you join the Buddy memb. for $10 per month and only purchase a token or two.
You're right, it's hardly worth it in the long run.
I think the folks that are doing well are into this with much larger spends. That's just my opinion.

If the Mint is not for you, there are other programs that will start soon that may fit you better.

Thanks for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I have transferred funds from Egopay to justbeenpaid and the money still hadent shown up in my JSS account? Can anyone advise on this as its over 1,000 dollars do I'm getting worried its list in ciberspace

blondie said...

Wow Anonymous, you're commenting in a really old post.
But I'll answer.
I will tell you the same thing that the Mod's or Frederick would tell you, which is "send in a support ticket with all the details of the transaction".
Sorry I couldn't be of more help.