Saturday, July 14, 2012

Good-Bye Golden Path

GoldenPath: with all the news lately about having to send in ID's to stay in this program, I've decided it's NOT for me anymore.
To follow up after their last newsletter, I saw this note posted in the MMG forum:
Just received this from support after I asked about ID
Hello xxxxx,
As of Sunday July 15th you will need to provide 2 fors of ID in order to transfer, withdraw, or fund your account. Each account holder will need to do this to be compliant with our TOS. If you choose not to comply you can ask for a refund which will be given in 90 days.
Susan Skiff

So rather than wait 90 days for a refund, I decided to try to do a withdraw request today. I've never done one before so there was a bit of information that I needed to add first.
- In your Profile, be sure your pay processor is entered.
- For your PP info to save, you must enter your address.
- Also be sure you've set up your PIN number.
Then, from the Finance link... Cash History, 
your withdraw button should appear at the bottom of the page, next to your available balance.

Now just because
 I decided to quit, doesn't mean you should. I'm sure you'll weigh the options and do what's best for you.
If it were not for this ID thing, I would stick around. But knowing first hand about Identity Theft, I am not going to make myself an easy target for these Admins or anyone else who could hack into their database.
With that said, my withdraw request was only for my initial spend. I have an additional $23 in my account that I chose to leave for the program. Once my withdrawal is received, I will ask to have my account closed.
Good Luck to anyone who decides to stay and I wish you all the best.
PS - just got a great idea from the forum.
After I receive my withdraw, assuming my $23 is still in my account, I can transfer that to another member if I like, then my account will be -0- and closed after that. I'll keep you updated. Would prefer to transfer to one of my referrals in need. Cheers!

JBP-JSS-Tripler: Update: Attention 7/13/2012 1:20 AM EDT
Currently, there are problems funding via SolidTrust Pay, due to their site problems. Some members are also having similar issues with Payza. The funding procedure is completed but funds are not appearing in the JSS account. We are investigating and will work to ensure that the missing fundings will be registered in the JSS accounts. Further updates on this situation will be posted here.
As for me, my daily Tripler earnings are now caught up through July 12th. Guess I'm further down on their list because they update/pay newer members first. It's all good, I am patient and I can wait :)

Need to run out soon.
It's Olivia's official Birthday Party today and I can't miss that.


Anonymous said...

I've also had it with TGP and their disrespect to its members and ridiculous requirements and flaws. I've decided to get out of that nightmare.

blondie said...

You forgot something ...

Period! LOL

Anonymous said...

What's that suppose to mean?

Typical female...

blondie said...

Don't you remember, in their updates, they would say stuff like:
There will be NO exceptions...PERIOD!
Our decision is final...PERIOD!

Was just making a little humor :)