Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Already?

I think we've broken a record for being the Hottest Summer Ever! Yes, going to be a nice 95F again today, and me with no A/C. Thank goodness for clouds.

- To the Anonymous person who sent me info asking about their JBP Restart Stats ... would you please send that in an email rather than a comment? My address is right under my picture. Thanks

JBP-JSS-Tripler: was doing a lot of forum reading this morning in the JBP thread. I read there a lot more than I post these days.
Sad to say that a lot of members were hit with over 50% (up to 75%) of their Tripler conversions this restart. But you know, I remember how devastating my first restart was too. So yes, I can understand how they're feeling.
What I did after that first one was to start building my Triplers back up and then the 2nd restart, and the 3rd etc didn't seem so bad.
I know there is always concern and always someone who is not happy with their results. But if you really sit back and look at it, you'll see that JBP was created to last for more than a few short months.
OK, regarding the daily earnings for Triplers:
About the paying of the 29th with triples after the restart-->the restart started on 07/28. This will reflected in JSS-triplers earnings for the 29th onwards
it was done this way to avoid downtime of the site for long period
Matrix from restart -->Placing matrices from the last restart are being added still, the process should be done in about 2 weeks
The matrix from this restart will be start to be added to JSS is about 2 weeks, and it will be a few months to be completed. (expected a speed up because of the new server soon)
INFO FROM conference room

Checking my own account, the above does make sense. Also:
The 30th July payments are running now. After that they will run the 31th July and August 1st payment in a combined payment.
So there you have it :)
 --Alright doomcrew, good comment so I'll post it here:
I would reassure anyone who is upset after the restart that matrix premiums are the way to get back on track fast. Fill as many as you can and get those matrix payouts.

SafeRisk: funny thing about SR and STP... I don't get STP notifications when I receive money from SR. But I am pleased to report that I was paid today from my withdraw request yesterday. Thanks Hugo and members!
PS, just made another spend there too, lol Update as of yesterday:
Posted Jul 31st, 2012
Quick update. The restart should be compleated within 24 hours. Please no tickets, I describe everything once completed.

WhirlWind: received my 'seed money' request to my Payza account today. Thanks Admins. Now I can continue to play with profit.
So far spent on Subs: $66.00
So far earned in Grids: $104.59
Could that be right? Let me go check again.
Yep, that's what it's telling me.
Now we'll see if I can continue earning without having to fund any thing further. That would be nice, but I'm not counting my chickens quite yet.

Did any of you receive that Spam today from some clown sending it as "Paul (MoneyNewsOnline)"?
What a joker !!! 
Like Paul at MNO would take the time to send out Spam for a program that is not even on his site.
Geez, there sure are some greedy idiots out there.
Shame Shame :(


doomcrew said...

I would reassure anyone who is upset after the restart that matrix premiums are the way to get back on track fast. Fill as many as you can and get those matrix payouts.

Exwes Gold said...


Also got that spam email.. checked out the site but the returns are out of this world. I also don't remember subscribing to MNO so let it go

blondie said...

Thanks DC, posted.

I don't think MNO even sends out such crap, does he? lol
It's probably some Admin from our past just trying to fool us.