Monday, August 20, 2012

A Cloudy Monday

JBP-JSS-Tripler: their new site, ProfitClicking is coming along nicely. Hopefully we'll all be moved over to it sooner than later. But you know how JBP works... can never be to sure of their timing :)
- Still waiting for the 14th Tripler earning. If you're waiting too, you're not alone.
-- Just received about 5:45 MST:
Daily Earnings for Active Positions 4% total 8/14-8-15

(^_^) JBP/JSS - From Strength to Strength!
Welcome to all our new members!
If you don't get an update for a while, you can assume that things are going well! Meanwhile we're growing strongly.
We should also be able to move to our new servers within a week. We've been holding back on company marketing so we don't overwhelm our current servers. As soon as we're on the new servers we'll be able to ramp up company marketing, which will bring more sales and enable us to increase withdrawal limits.
Soon after we move to the new servers, we'll also be able to speed up the placing of JSS positions. The backlog will get handled, but it's too early to say how long this will take.

SafeRisk: am sorry to report seeing some overdue payment requests posted in the forum. Now I know that Liberty Reserve is messed up right now, so could that be part of the problem? Don't know.
Would be nice to see an Update from the Admin and/or payments going out again. But until that happens... please be careful and don't make any new spends.
I myself re-spent a principal amount that was returned a couple of days ago. Am not going to try to cash-out now either. I'll wait and see if things return to normal first.
Well, it has been running since the first of May so that's a good long run for a HYIP. Fingers crossed.

ismAdsIncome: got off to a nice start. Since I joined on Friday, I've already got 3 daily payments under my belt.
Now remember when joining, you don't have to join the ismMagic site if it's not for you. I did join it because I was confused at the time, but not sure if I'm staying in or not. Once I have more time to check it out, I'll make a final decision on that. It's just too much socializing for me. I'm more of a hermit type and like it that way. still says I'm a "dragonfly" and so I have been surfing the site daily. But No New News in the member area is not a good thing! C'mon Chris. Get your minty butt in gear and tell us something. Sheesh!

UnstoppableWhirlWind: since my last post, I've dropped about 8 more dollars into the kitty and even though my Grid earning is higher, my account balance is lower. I'll let it ride a little longer and if my money continues to evaporate, I'll withdraw what's left and be gone.
No news on the Vote results yet either.


doomcrew said...

With JBP I would recommend watching the matrix tutorial videos which show you how to maximize what are called golden matrixs. Basically if you are at the top two spots of any matrix you want to fill those with premiums as soon as you can.

blondie said...

Hi doomcrew,
Yes I've heard that on the JBP Matrix training calls also.
That's excellent advice for those who are not sure which matrix to fill first if they have limited funds.
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering, is JSS making profit off of people withdrawing from egopay? Seems like they are since making people cash out through egopay and then pay another 2% to transfer the funds to payza which was already there in the first place.


blondie said...

JBP can't use Payza any longer so that's when EgoPay came into the picture.

JBP does charge a fee to withdraw to Any of the pay processors.
Then EgoPay charges the 2% to send your money to Payza. That's Not a JBP charge. It's an Ego charge, an Exchanger service fee.

You could use STP which is cheaper at the moment and no extra 'exchanger' fees involved.

Have a good week!