Monday, August 27, 2012

Teen Wolf

Trying to sleep last night, heard some barking and howling.
Turned off the fan to listen better since it sounded too close to me... like in my backyard.
The barking sounded like a person so thought it was some kids out back just making a ruckus.
Then when the barking turned to howling and yipping, I knew it wasn't human.
Now I've lived here for a lot of years and never heard anything like that before. Didn't sound like the regular coyotes in the neighborhood either, so that's when I thought of Michael J Fox in the Teen Wolf movie. Could it be?!?

ProfitClicking: just got home so am listening in the chat room now. I'll post any updates I hear.
- they're still saying a week for PC to be functional (or a week from last Saturday).
- we won't get any daily ad pack (tripler) earnings until the site resumes.
- all of our personal account information is being transferred over as we speak.
- and if you see different numbers in your member area stats, don't panic. All of that will be adjusted once we're ready to go.
- there are two new Updates in your dashboard dated 8/27. Might want to take a look at those.
That's all for now. Gil just got on the mic and I can't listen to him today. He likes to goof around and I'm just not in the mood I guess.

ismAdsIncome: am seeing 11 days open with 1131 members. Even if half of those are 'active', not too shabby.
Since I received notes that LR is back up and running, decided to make another spend today using LR. Then tomorrow perhaps, I'll request my first withdraw.
In the meantime, daily earnings are like clockwork.

WhirlWind: I see movement in my grids about every 3 days or so. I did receive $5 last night so that'll keep me active for a bit longer. Still nothing exciting enough to "write home about" though.

Received 10 Spams, supposedly from Payza today.
Nooo, my account is not frozen nor deactivated nor closed.
Just some hackers trying to steal information from me.
When you log into payza, always do it from their site.
Never log in from one of those emails and never click on any links in there either.
Be careful out there!


Randy V said...

While he was making that noise, was he bouncing a basketball? lol
I remember that movie. I hope your new "friend" decides to go elsewhere.

Heading to San Diego tomorrow so I will wave as I pass over. Never been there before but I heard it was really nice.

Have a great week!


doomcrew said...

Some guy supposedly shot some video of a squatch yesterday so if there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now, It's just a spring clean for the May queen. Sorry had to get the Led out.

blondie said...

Hey Randy,
Couldn't spot him so can't swear that he "didn't" have a basketball, LOL

San Diego eh? Well, after you pass Denver just look for the house next to the big farm with the Werewolf running around. I'll wave back (or he will :)

Enjoy your trip :)

WoW doomcrew.
Nice to see someone here as freaky as me.
Now you got me singing :)

HermitJim said...

Always nice to get an update from your neck of the woods!

I didn't realize you had such noisy critters there. I told ya about leaving that food bowl out!

blondie said...

Oh I don't do that anymore Jim.
No more food bowl out back :(
Skunks I can live it but coyotes scare me with all the cats around.