Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Getting Ugly Out There

No, not talking about JBP.
I always start my posts with them :)
You'll see what I mean further down.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: now if you didn't notice the Update when you logged in, it says:
*** PLEASE NOTE *** ... Members who have a negative balance in their JSS accounts due to withdrawing the accidental funding of $45 will need to open a Support Ticket via the Help Desk, using the Help Topic: "Blocked Account". The support staff will deal with it quickly.
I personally did not receive that mysterious $45, or if I did, it was taken away before I had a chance to notice it.
Then again, I always leave funds in my JSS balance to use if and when I need to buy some placements or premiums in the matrices.
So good luck to those who's accounts were frozen. Hope they get you back up and running ASAP!
-- Was just reading a forum post and saw that my buddy
Will Beaver cycled 27 matrices today in JSS! Wow! That's just unreal. Congrats Will :) Time for another vacation? lol

SafeRisk: just requested a w/d via EgoPay. I've been reading that some members are having trouble receiving to Ego so thought I'd test it out. Will let you know.

Mint.bz: I don't know what to say.
The more I try to figure it out, the more confused I get.
Today I received a whopping 5 cents in profit share added to my balance. OK, but then I noticed that I received a referral commission that was NOT added to my balance. It appears that the Mint automatically bought me a New Token with my RC? Could that be right? What the heck are they doing?!?
If someone understands what's going on, please let me know!
-- OK so it's NOT just me. See comments please.

WhirlWind: nothing exciting to report so I'll save my breath.

- As a matter of fact, I think it's time to remove Mint and WhirlWind from my side (banner) bar. I doubt anyone joining now has a prayer of earning any profit before they (the programs) are put to rest. Well, let me think about that some more. But the thing is, I don't want anybody joining new from my link. I would feel horrible :(


Henry said...

Hi Judy ~ I contacted Mint, with a support ticket due to what I think is unfair play. Just before the re-start, I had just under $500 in my cash balance - after the re-start, I was left with just over $100. Last night because my cash balance was around $125, I tried to withdraw, noticing that the withdraw button was not available...

...this morning I saw that a token around $130 had been made to my account...which was now zero...

...I wrote a ticket - not about the fact that they may be out of funds, but that I did not appreciate these tactics...

...Then I continued to surf, only to encounter around 7 trojans..

...It took three scans for me to get rid of trojans, malware and whatever.

Now I'm not saying or implying that Mint had anything to do with the viruses...most likely not, but it just underlined my disappointment with the way they handled the purchase of a token on my account, without my permission...and blocking the cashout button, a short time before they did it.

Anyway, I found a new way of handling malware and viruses...which had blocked me using Ccleaner, Spybot search and destroy ...and kept insisting that I download standard platinum protection (at a cost) to stop "lsas dot blaster dot keylogger" from stealing my credit card details (that's what the supposedly anti-virus programme said)...total moneymaking tosh!

Fortunately I had downloaded a beta version of Spybot2, but not used the installation wizard...so I did, and the problem was solved and Ccleaner, Spybot and Avast (paid version) started to work again....

...But what a shame about Mint, a impeccable programme, starting to employ dubious tactics...

...Oh well, It adds to my list:

and now Mint

Been a sad summer so far...
Still we took the Grandchildren out to Brimham Rocks (natural Ice Age rock formations and had a great day...

A case of "Don't let the Buggars get you Down!"



blondie said...

Well shoot Henry :(
Was hoping it was just me see seeing the crap at the Mint.
Thanks for a wonderful update and I'm anxious to hear how they reply to your ticket.
Glad you had a good day, despite the buggers, lol

Will B said...

Thank you for the mention Blondie. I'm still flabbergasted. It was such a surprise to log in and see over $1500 in my JSS Account. Vacation? that seems like a good idea. But no, after that recent restart I think I'll have to spend most of it on purchasing Triplers, Will.

blondie said...

You're welcome Will.
I was just so happy for you I decided to share with my readers :)
Yeah replacing those 'matured' tripler's is a chore but I've been working on that also.
Once again, Congrats!!