Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Heat Continues

We're breaking all kinds of heat records this year. Was 98F yesterday and today in the mid 90's also. Even though I was out at 8 AM mowing the lawn, still got overheated.

ProfitClicking: progress report:
- for those of you who have referrals in PC, might want to take a peek at the referral button today. Mine seems to be updated.
- remember not to panic seeing your numbers fluctuate. They should settle down to your real numbers before reopening.
- speaking of reopening, when do you think that'll be? This weekend or one more week after that?
I'm gonna shoot for one more week, just cause.
- One of the Mod's in the chat room just confirmed my thought: "Towards the end of next week you will see the site begin to run as intended and we will make an announcement here, when it is time for you to go to work."

ismAdsIncome: was just shocked by an STP notice of payment from ISM since I just requested it a little while ago. Right on.
Member count still climbing and I read that one member purchased 10K worth? Well, that seems crazy to me but I don't have 10K to 'play with' either. More power to the wealthy :) 
ps, no it wasn't my referral in case you were wondering.


doomcrew said...

I would say September 15th will be the first we see any real movement from Profitclicking. What I would like to see from the new admin is more income streams under the same umbrella, so that all members feel like they have the opportunity to make huge money every year not just build up an account and have it crushed by a restart just as they begin feeling great about thier accounts.

blondie said...

That's on drawing board DC.
Frederick mentioned that on his calls many a time but things are sure getting done slowly.
I am anxious for more streams of income under the same umbrella too.
Just hope to see them as fast as I can join them, LOL