Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Two Smiles, Two Frowns, and One Confused

Oh where do I start?
Hate it when I miss days here, but sometimes just need to stay away for awhile. Maybe it has something to do with keeping my sanity, LOL

JBP-JSS-Tripler: received my daily 2% for Aug 10th sometime during the middle of my night. Also here's some news posted at the forum from a nice member:
Latest news:
Coming days there will be more database/website maintenance in preparation for moving to the new servers.
The 2% daily payments for august 13th and 14th will be paid together (4%). All other missing 2% earnings are being caught up and will be paid separately.
Patrick peace.gif
Just got done surfing my 25 sites for the week in the Traffic Exchange. Only had a problem once when it got in a loop and wouldn't change pages. Had to close it, re-open it, and all was fine after that.
No, surfing isn't mandatory yet but am trying to get into the habit.
-- Someone asked this the other day so I went through a lot of paperwork to get the answers. Here are all the Restart Dates to the best of my knowledge:
1st - Aug 24, 2011
2nd - Jan 7th, 2012
3rd - May 25, 2012
4th - July 30, 2012
Bought my first Tripler on April 3rd, 2011 so as you can see, I've been through them all :)

SafeRisk: sites been up and down the past day or so. Could have been a ddos attack but not sure. It's back up just fine today and I requested a cash-out. Yesterday I made a new spend. Still going good there.
-- PS, 4:50 PM my time, PAID!

Mint.bz: I've pretty much given up on them. The site has some serious issues which are not being addressed. What it says you have in your Account Balance cannot be withdrawn. Our daily profit share stinks and I don't expect anyone new to be joining now. I wouldn't, that's for sure. So once I'm done posting here today I'll remove it from my side bar. Will still update about it but don't want anyone joining by mistake.

WhirlWind: same applies to UWW. Once again they've lowered the payout for each grid cycling so that new members don't have a prayer of seeing any profit for months and months. I'll continue to update for those who joined at the beginning, but it's also gonna go bye-bye from my side bar.

I need to figure something out.
I'll be back later if I do. lol 


doomcrew said...

Im glad you remarked about uww and the state of such daily sub sites, I dont know why they continue to draw people into them because they usually only benefit the usual top people who promote such launches every month.

blondie said...

Hi DC,
Well I've been updating my stats in UWW for the entire time.
Haven't posted their updates but if anyone is in it, they should get those too.
Yeah, it's not looking good there and if they don't change soon, pretty sure it'll be dooms day.

Anonymous said...

Hi, is it mandatory to surf the 25 sites per week on traffic exchange? What happens when you don't?


blondie said...

No, this was in my post:

"No, surfing isn't mandatory yet but am trying to get into the habit."

They'll let us know when it is.

After that, I would assume you won't be able to cash out until you do.

Randy V said...

Hey Judy;

Everybody needs a day off or more. It gets to be a chore sometimes to post every day and I'm glad you had a couple of days away...even though you were missed.

Have a great week!


blondie said...

Awww Thanks Randy :)

Was just sitting here thinking about if there's anything I need to say today or not. Hmmm

Enjoy your hump day!