Friday, August 17, 2012

TGIF ... and a New Advertising Program

although every day is the same around here.
I kind of miss the joy of driving home from work on a Friday night... wind in my hair and the radio cranked loud. One of those good feelings of relief that you never forget.

JustBeenPaid: going to listen to their scheduled conference call this morning. See if there's anything new I need to know.
I was paid for my Aug 12th Tripler earning during the night again and managed to get an STP withdraw in this morning.
- Didn't hear anything new today. The speaker just went through the list of upcoming events and improvements. All is good :)

SafeRisk: is still doing great. I will have another deposit expire tomorrow (I think) but have already planned to put the entire amount back in. Admin is doing a fantastic job here so I hope the support from members continues.

GBC: I don't mention Gord and GBC too often. He's busy with the program and I don't want to make more work for him. I've let a couple of my Easy 40's expire, got paid out and chose not to re-buy at this time. Am gonna wait and see what his plans are before I get more involved. my cash out request from Wednesday actually got paid to my LR account last night. $16.91 to be exact.
So looking at my Cash Balance compared to what I can withdraw... since when does $4.70 + $4.50 equal $26.58?
Their back office is so messed up that I don't know what to think any longer. Waiting to see also if they expect me to Upgrade to stay at Dragonfly membership or not. Will let you know.

WhirlWind: still waiting for that Voting email from them, but reading the 'news' in the forum it doesn't look happy. Members are dropping out, trying to sell their accounts, taking a loss and letting their accounts go, and some over-committed thinking it would be as wonderful as the top promoters told them it would be, blah blah blah. So I'll wait it out and see how the voting thing goes. I've got my seed money back so far, but that's all. Haven't withdrawn anything else and my account seems to be paying for itself now, but not earning anything new. So like many others who started at the beginning but were not one of the chosen few by the Admins, I'm just hanging on by the skin of my teeth at this point.
-- Did you all get the voting page today? I chose number 3. It gives more to the members and less to the sponsors. But most of the 'big' sponsors have already taken their share out. So don't let my vote sway your opinion. I'm just telling you what I picked.

*** OK, just joined something new and thought you might be interested.
Yesterday I was contacted by one of the Admins (who is also a reader of my blog) at ismAdsIncome and took a look at their site. Looks easy enough, even for me, LOL
Plus the person I signed up under is also a referral of mine in another very successful program. Makes me feel more comfortable when I know these folks already.
So here's some of the details:

Advertising Units
- Each Advertising Unit costs $10
- Earn 1.5% daily for 200 days
- Earn 300% per Advertising Unit ($10 will become $30)
- Increase your earnings with daily compounding
- 3-Level Referral Bonuses: 5% (Level-1), 3% (Level-2), 1% (Level-3)
- No Matrix, No need to surf to earn
- No Sponsoring Required to earn
- Available to all countries
- Advertising Credits

For every Advertising Unit that you purchased, you will get the following advertising credits, which you can use to promote your other programs:
1000 Advertising Credits for Top Banners
1000 Advertising Credits for Side banners
1000 Advertising Credits for Text Ads

Also connected to it is ISMmagic Social Network. It is NOT mandatory to join that site if you are not into that kind of stuff. Although I did join when registering at the Ad's site because I was confused and didn't realize you could leave that entry blank (you'll see what I mean). Not sure if I'll do anything with it yet, but I'm a free member right now.

So without further ado, am going to the Ad's site to check it out a little more. I believe there is up to a 24 hour delay to show your 'spends' so once that is done, I'll be adding some banners and ad's of my own.
Cheers :))


HermitJim said...

Appreciate the daily updates, my friend. Looks like I may be getting into some new (to me) programs again!

Have a great day!

blondie said...

Good to hear Jim,
will be nice to have you back.

We can chat in email for longer conversations about this stuff.
Give a holler when you are ready.

Cheers :)

Henry said...

Hi Judy ~ Well, I joined with your link, but when I looked at the details of my new account, it listed my referral as not you - but Russel Chapman!

So I haven't deposited anything so far, until I get a good night's sleep!

Take Care


blondie said...

Thanks Henry,
I'm sure you can have that fixed before depositing.
Just a support ticket should do it, or if you give me your username, I'll try also.
Sleep good and chat tomorrow :)

Henry said...

Just saw this before I climbed the stairs...username: soulMerlin



blondie said...

Thx Henry,
Sent in a ticket.
Will let you know when I hear back.

sribose said...

Hey Judy,

My cashout request from MINT is still pending from Aug 12th and I even decided to stop surfing a few days after that. I think yours might be a case of selective payout...

ld randi said...

just joined under your referral with a position, I always start with the minimum :-)
Have a nice weekend!

blondie said...

Hi sribose,
I have no connection with the Mint admin so doubt the selective payout is the reason. And I DO hope you get yours soon too.

Thanks Randi,
It's good to play with the min. and get some ad's out there.

Have a great weekend you two!

blondie said...


Asked the admin and he said:

"Henry has joined ISMMagic under Russell's link and will be moved to be under you by the end of the day.

Henry has not yet joined ISMADSINCOME and when he does he needs to make sure he uses your ref link and not just the program url."

OK, my fault for not posting my Magic link anywhere. Although I'm not sure I'll be staying in that one. Too much socializing for me, LOL


Henry said...

Thanks Judy....The two sites are rather confusing, but I joined through your link on this post.

A bit fed up with all the friend requests and not sure if the site really appeals to me, but I'll take a watching brief on this one 'till I'm sure.

Thanks for following up with them for me.



blondie said...

Same here re the friend requests :(
I did NOT pay for that site so I suppose if it's not for me, I can delete myself whenever.

The Ad's site isn't too bad.
Just make a spend and let er ride.
That's what I did and got my first daily pay already.
Need to check what time they issue that.

Thanks again Henry :)

blondie said...

I lied. Don't think I have earned the daily yet on the Ad's site.

Just remember, join the Ad's site from my link, not the main company one.

I'll keep up to date on it.

wealthbuilderbiz said...

Hello Judy,

Glad to know you are in, too :)

Joey here ^^

Henry said...

Hi Judy ... I'm probably really dim...but to the best of my knowledge, I only used your link...if I made a mistake when I got to the site and then, in filling out details, managed to get linked through admin...then it just goes to show I have to go easy on the Merlot!!!!

Seriously though...I've only entered through your link.

Anyway - tomorrow I'll look at the whole thing. I'll also see if I can unsubscribe from the social site - I really can do without it.

But thanks for your help and I hope it all goes well in the end



blondie said...

Hi Joey, Thanks a bunch!!
You've been a great help :)

No Henry, it was my fault.
I didn't have my link to the Magic site when I posted about the Ad's site.
So whoever joined Magic, joined under the Admin.
Too bad they don't have them connected though.
Ah well, not sure if I can handle the Magic site either. I'm more into the Ad's site now.