Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog

After spending Saturday afternoon with Olivia and having the Disney Channel on TV for over 6 hours... just can't get this song out of my head now, LOL

JustBeenPaid: I did in fact receive my daily Tripler earnings for Aug 16th early this morning. Now remember they pay the newer members first, so I'm closer to the end of the line.
Was thinking about the Matrices since doomcrew posted a comment here yesterday, so I decided to listen to the Matrix Training call today. It was done by "JBP-Steve" who was very detailed, clear speaking and took his time to explain each level of purchasing and when you should be doing it.
Unfortunately it made me realize I've been doing it all wrong (oops), but that's OK... we should have quite a few new matrices coming soon after the server upgrade. I did make notes to be more prepared this time and it was an excellent training session.

So even though I missed the "opening" of the call, here's what I jotted down:
We all know that YOU are shown in the Matrix.
If your name is also the UPLINE, you want to buy placements and premiums for spots 1 and 2.
If your name is already in Spot 1, you want to buy placements and premiums for spots 3 and 4.
If your name is already in Spot 2, you want to buy placements and premiums for spots 5 and 6.

UPDATE: was going to request a withdraw via EgoPay today, but it wasn't available. Here is why:
Egopay not available temporarily until the transition to Profit Clicking is complete.
MORE NEWS from the chat room:
Another snippet of news from the conference room:
Frederick Mann is retiring!

The conference room is full so I couldn't get in, but two of my friends in MMG relayed that message to me. Thanks Will Beaver and drcapoon :)

SafeRisk: no news from the Admin and payments have stopped. Dang! Well, it did have a good run of over 110 days so those of you who got in early and got your 'seed money' out, then played with profit, should have done OK.
I can't bash the Admin. He did a great job running this one. And if I am ever aware of him opening a new program, I'll happily join that one too.
Bye Bye SafeRisk ... RIP

ismAdsIncome: since it's so new, not much to report on yet other than it's doing just dandy :) Someone poked at me to talk about the Magic site a little more, but not sure if I'm up to it today. Might save it for A.M. when my brain is more clear. All is good though.

OK, here's some Hot Diggity Dog News...
Remember that new HYIP that I mentioned a long time ago?
Well, there's some movement taking place so will update you more on that tomorrow. Don't want to jump the gun in case anything changes.

Mint.bz: still stinks.

WhirlWind: still stinks. Was looking at my stats today and I am barely hanging on by a thread. I'm trying to hold out to see if I'll ever cycle those 2 Level 5 Grids I have... time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Hey Blondie,

Does JBP record the Matrix training's and allow you to listen to them from the website? I have had a quick look but cannot find anything.

Thanks for your help


blondie said...

No, they sure don't record them.
I could have swore I saw a link to watch them in steps, but can't find it now. Wonder if it was removed.

Anyway, here's the schedule for the matrix trainings:

Every TUESDAY starting at 11:00 AM EST

Every THURSDAY and SUNDAY starting at 7:00 PM EST

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In the JustBeenPaid Training Conference Room:


Randy V said...


Every time I keep Landen, we have to watch Mickey Mouse Playhouse and that song gets to me too. I keep thinking and sometimes singing it. Its amazing how these little songs gets in our heads.

Hope you are having a good week!


Anonymous said...

seen your comment about saferisk...just wanted to let u know u still have the banner on the side, i know u dont like people joining under you in bad sites so thought id let u know

Henry said...

Hi Judy...Yes August is a bad, sad time...But like you, I cannot knock SafeRisk...even though I would have been better off not re-investing, I think they did well...as you say RIP and if Hugo re-appears I would be there. What a shame

Mint has flipped from an Angel to a Devil...shame again, but without honour.

I hope Fred has a peaceful retirement from all the Eagles and Vultures circling over the MMG site...

I sit and lick my wounds over the following sites:


My wish is for Governments not to try and protect me...it hurts too much.

Haven't invested in ISM yet...I will probably...

Take care and I hope that the Autumn is not such a depressing time.



blondie said...

So I'm not the only one walking around singing the Mickey Mouse Hot Dog song eh?
Good to know, LOL

Have a great week Randy,
Mine is starting out weird.

Cheers :)

blondie said...

Yep TY anonymous,
just spaced it out today.
It's gone now.

blondie said...

Henry yes,
SafeRisk was a hard pill to swallow.
But we all know these 'games' don't last forever.

I didn't know you visit MMG. Do you post? What's your username there?

Love this line: "My wish is for Governments not to try and protect me...it hurts too much."
Boy you can say that again :(

Hopefully the fall will be a better time. Summer was rough I know.

Have a good evening with the Merlot, Cheers!

Henry (HJM) said...

Hi Judie, it's HJM

blondie said...


I'll remember that now.

Thanks !!

Anonymous said...

Hello this is Louis from Texas, UWW is killing me. I have no luck at those when others have Good Luck. Started with 5 subs almost 2 months ago and cycled G1 55 times but not 1 G2 as of yet. I have about $50 in Wallet now and i'm going to let it go a take my losses if it doesn't sustain itself be fore I run out. It is the 1st time I let a cyler kick my butt. Blondie you take care and talk to you soon I hope.


blondie said...

Howdy Louis,

Well, the people who had good luck got in before us and/or have tons of referrals too :(

I got in about an hour after launch and am barely hanging on myself.

Wish I had known more about this ahead of time but we live and learn, right?

You take care and give a holler any time :)
Night Night