Friday, August 10, 2012

Just Some Quick Notes Today

Another dreadfully hot day here and no end in sight. I think we've broken just about every heat record there was to break this summer already... or damn close.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: just listened to Frederick's call from last night.
- New servers in 10 days or so. Once finished, JSS Tripler pos's will be placed more quickly. 
- Once the new servers are working, JBP will do some vigorous advertising for the site to bring in new members which will hopefully help to delay the restarts.
- Tripler feed is trickling in now and some matrices have cycled. Won't speed up until the new servers are installed.
Transition to the new ProfitClicking system will be automatic as far as members are concerned. Old ad's / splash pages will still work and be redirected to the new URL.
- Profit Clicking could be up in about 10 days. It will go live when the new servers are up.
- Yes, JBP will become ProfitClicking so yes, you will keep your current downline.
Level 2 upgrade coming soon also (about a month) and will be $57 every 3 months and you will receive 50% RC on your 1st level, 25% RC on your 2nd level (who also upgrade to L2). L2 Upgrade will give you access to another product and 'more goodies' (per Frederick, lol)
- Pay Structure will be the same in ProfitClicking as in JBP.
- Three new programs are under development to add revenue to JBP.
- There will be an auto-responder sequence of emails for those signing up at JBP under your link. So no need to hound them to get active.
- and NO, Frederick will Not attend hotel meetings to promote JBP. (that was just funny that someone asked.)
OK, that's about it.
Yes our Tripler earnings are still received much later than they used to be. Well, for us older members anyway since the newer members are paid first. It's all good. As long as they keep them coming :)

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