Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hotel California

Since I wrote a lot about JBP yesterday, I'll give it a rest today. Wanted to note that I did receive my daily 2% Tripler earning last night for Aug 7th. So yes, they are still a few days behind for us 'older' members.
- Received my 8/8 2% around 3 PM my time.
- And a couple of ref's referrals cycled a matrix today. Congrats!

SafeRisk: made another spend today and requested a little cash out for myself too. My Total Deposit number is getting pretty hefty but since I'm already in profit, and there's no fear of losing money, am just showing my support by continuing spends in the program.
PS, paid already today. Thanks Hugo!

SolidTrustPay: this pay processor has been doing an excellent job getting caught up with the U.S. members ACH deposits. I believe they're working on transfers from July 20 - July 29 right now. Kudos to STP :) my membership level still says I'm a "dragonfly". I believe that expires next Saturday. Not real happy with this new profit sharing plan. Although I have seen an increase in my daily earnings (from the .27 cents) but not enough to get me excited since it's less than 1%.
So for now, I'll continue to surf daily, and decide what to do when my membership expires.

ShowBizHits: Traffic Exchange is having a surf boost today giving you an extra 80% of your surfing credits. I'll go surf for a few and then assign some credits to my sites.

WhirlWind: got more wind coming out my cat's butt than what I'm seeing here. Where are we at now... 45-46 days?
So far I've spent $86 
So far Grid earnings are $118
Well I'm glad I got my seed money out so I can relax and just watch what happens next. Unfortunately I've been reading posts from members who joined early on, but apparently not early enough. Waiting for 40 days to cycle a level 1? Now that's just sad.
-- There is another member who let his funds 'dry out' hoping to stop his daily subscription. But when he received an RC, the program sucked up the money to pay for his delinquent sub's. Not funny but it made me laugh. I wrote to him in the forum that it reminds me of "renting a room at the Hotel California". "You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave." LOL


doomcrew said...

With every restart I just wonder at what point members are going to just stop buying triplers and sit on the matrix spots they have. And if any of them cycle just take what they can and move on. Its just become a mediocre earner in my opinion unless you have a massive stake from 2 years ago I cant see recommending this to anyone now.

Laidback said...

The Eagles is one of my favorite bands. The version of this song that I really like is on the "Hell Freezes Over" album.

blondie said...

We don't know what kind of activity their 'massive promoting' will bring in either.

I know some members mainly work the Matrices and not the triplers at all. The trip's are just a feeder.

And if you just 'sit' on your matrix, it'll take a long time to cycle anyway.

I don't promote this much. Just keep an eye on it for myself and those who joined from my link.

I do think it'll be around for a lot longer though. Hope I'm right :)


blondie said...

Hi LB,
looks like we were typing at the same time.
Well the shoe fit with the song today. But I don't think the person I replied to in MMG 'got it'.
Maybe he's too young to remember the Eagles. Ah well.

Will go listen to the other recording of it now.

Laidback said...

we were forewarned. The audience had no idea which song they were doing until about a minute into the cut.Love the acoustic work by Don Felder. Gotta learn that riff.

blondie said...

Hey when you learn it, put it on youtube and send me the link :)