Friday, August 3, 2012


JBP-JSS-Tripler: listening to the conf chat now thinking STP or another processor should be opening sometime soon for withdraws. And the nice thing is... they announce it in the room when it's open.
Also the scheduled call is starting now so I'll take notes.
- The moderator is just explaining the restart.
- Don't keep repurchasing Triplers forever. Make sure you get your seed money out in a reasonable amount of time, then play with profit.
- 20 new servers are being installed which will speed up placing matrices.
- Don't forget to 'work' your matrices once you receive them.
- Traffic Exchange is still in beta test so it's not necessary to surf the 25 per week yet, but will be a requirement eventually.
- New and improved website coming.
- Withdraw queue coming soon also.
- Premium's are filling in approx 45 days (not the matrix).
Now he's just going through the list of things to come.
You know, some of these Moderator speaker's are just too much. Almost reminds me of a preacher giving a sermon, LOL
- Forgot to add: received my 2% daily for 7/31 and 8/1 combined.
-- Just bought more Tripler's too to make up for the converted ones.

SafeRisk: just kickin back watching my balance grow. Might do a cash out sometime tomorrow. Nice to have a no-drama program. some strange things going on there.
Posted Aug 2nd, 2012
The official restart will be on Monday. August 6, 2012. A newsletter and some free goodies will follow over the weekend. I apologise for the delay, but we have some minor delays from our programmers site.

OK, that's all fine and dandy.
I logged in today, checked my account, did my surfing, logged out. Then a few minutes later I get 2 emails from Mint saying "Cashout Request Created" and "Cashout Request Completed". Now since I didn't request that, I have to assume that it's part of their Restart. Those cashouts by the way, were from my account balance to my mint-wallet. So we'll watch what happens next.

WhirlWind: just the stats today:
Spent on Subs: $70
Earned in Grids: $106
So not much change over the past 24 hours for me. But all the cycling is not done for everyone at the same time. So patience is needed, along with keeping your account funded, lol
PS, just another reminder. If you're not in already, don't look for anything fast if you choose to join. Be prepared for months of waiting before cycling. I joined within 1 hour of the official launch and am just showing you my stats. I do not want nor expect any new members to join under me.

Was so hot again here today.
99F was predicted. Argh! 
I am SO ready for Snow!!! 


Wesley said...

LOL Judy about the JBP moderators sounding like preachers. I remember after the last restart I jumped in the conference room and they sounded like preachers saying how the restart is a great way for everyone to make profit on the JSS matrix side. While that is true, you have to prepare to wait many months for the profit to appear. I love the days when several matrices cycle at once. Like an early Christmas present.

blondie said...

Nice to hear someone else heard the same thing I did, lol

Yeah Wesley, it is like an early Christmas present. But then we all have this long wait before the next one. Ah well, I think of it as a Bonus so no complaints from me either.

Take care :)

The PTC Guide said...

Do you know how I can get a copy of JBP-Steve's Version of the JSS Matrix?

or maybe a copy of your notes?

The PTC Guide said...

May I ask another question?
I just want to know if I received the correct amount for my Restart Cash for Converted Positions
$ 26.45 ?

It was posted on July 31, and it was for 354 converted Triplers.

I thought we were supposed to receive more than this to make up for the loss of Triplers in the
last Restart?

May I ask if Your Converted positions amount was the same?

I asked the help desk, but they just referred me to the date of July 31st.

My downline members received almost the same amount of money as I did and they only had 10 Triplers or less converted.

So, I wanted to ask someone who might have had more than 100 Triplers converted to see if the amount they got for their Converted Positions was the same.

Was your Restart Cash for Converted Positions on July 31, (or so), much higher or lowered than
$ 26.45 ?

blondie said...

Yeah, why are you commenting in an Aug 3rd post?
Let me jot them down and add to today's post.
It's the 21st, right?
Back in a bit :)

blondie said...

Since everyone's account in JBP is different, I'm sure all the numbers are different too.
No, I do not know the details of how the matrix formula is done, and I'm sure it's based on a lot of different factors.
Remember too though that if some of your triplers were almost complete, and there wasn't much left on them to pay, that of course it will affect your cash due.
I didn't question my own, I took it for what it was and just tried to build it back up after that.
Cheers :)