Sunday, August 26, 2012

PC... approximately a week?

ProfitClicking (formerly JBP): word in the chat room is the site could be up and fully functional in about a week. No guarantees but that's what the Mods were told by the PC IT team.
- multiple steams of income will be coming.
- remember you can't buy ad packs or withdraw until the program resumes.
- all information is not transferred over yet either.
- also there are no daily earnings until the program resumes.
So bottom line is, we get a weeks vacation to relax and check the new site as things are being added. I'm going to take advantage of that myself :)

ismAdsIncome: regular daily earnings continue.
Thanks to those who have joined under my referrer link. I do appreciate it and feel that we're in for a nice long ride here.
Day 10 = 946 members. Looks great!

WhirlWind: will report once the site is back up in my area.
* Cleared cookies and cache and it came back.
Well, no cycling of grids for 3 days now, so of course my account balance is going down again. Maybe tomorrow it'll get a boost.

- You know, I realize I haven't been talking much lately. Maybe it's because I read too much and a lot of what I read makes me want to puke.
Why some people want to destroy something that is helping others is beyond my comprehension.
I spent the entire day yesterday in the emergency room at the hospital. Do you have any idea what that costs or what my portion of that cost is?
No of course you don't, but without the help that I get from these online programs, I wouldn't have a clue as to how I was going to pay for that.
So those of you who think the best way to protect others is to warn against programs that are helping thousands... I wish you'd think twice.
We're not all here to take vacations, buy new cars or go on cruises. Some of us are here because it helps us with our day to day expenses including emergency costs like I had to deal with yesterday.
So again, excuse me for not posting too much as of late but reading comments and "opinions" from others in popular forums, has me bummed out royally.
PS, my x-deceased husband had a saying:
"Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one."
Cheers :)


HermitJim said...

Couldn't agree with the ex any more!

Henry said...

I hope that the emergency room visit turned out alright.

I agree with everything you say...I have been out of work and relying on hyip and other online programmes, to make a living...and I have done ok.

But the destructive posts have depressed me also...

...Yes there is a group of insidious people who rejoice at 'failure'

They are Sick



Lisa D said...

I know what you mean ... all those 'do-gooder's' trying to help us out! I've had to step away from those forums - I figure my gut instincts work just fine and at this point in my life I don't need people trying to save me from myself!

Hope you're feeling better.

Dennis said...

They are self-righteous lunatics!

blondie said...

Hi Jim, Thanks :)

Hi Henry, haven't been to the forum yet today but having withdrawals.
I just need to learn to pass by the posts I don't like and merely look for information that I may not have heard yet.

Hey Lisa, well put.

blondie said...


Guess we were posting at the same time. Didn't see your note till now.

To each his own I suppose but it's hard for me to comment back without getting into a argument or cussing. Which is not allowed in MMG, LOL