Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Friday... all day

ProfitClicking (formerly JBP-JSS-Tripler): after logging into the new PC site, you will see updated News in your dashboard dated 8/24/12.
It's quite long but very informative regarding Mr Mann, his retirement and the future. I won't post it here but it is HERE.
What's new today?
- The two advertising sites I had in the old JBP-Traffic Exchange are now moved over to the new PC site in their TE area.
- For those who promote, your own referral link is under your name on the left side in your dashboard.
- Not all features are running yet.
- We will not get any earnings from the 22nd on, until the new site is fully up and running.
- No payout buttons or purchase buttons are available at this time.
I know some are anxious but you just have to wait, like everybody else :)

ismAdsIncome: as mentioned yesterday, I did buy another batch of "Ad Packages". Haven't withdrawn yet but will before too long. Member count is 742 in 8 days, that's really good. Keep it up guys.
Oh and whoever is advertising "saferisk" in there... might want to get rid of the banner and text ads and save your ad credits for something new, lol
PS, remember that you don't have to join the ismMagic site if you don't want to. Some of you may really enjoy it though but you can leave that field blank when registering for ismAdsMagic.

-- Just saw Earl Jones on TV, an old football player now 55 years old say, "My mama always told me... It takes a lot to be nasty to someone, but not that much to be nice."

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