Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The JBP / Profit Clicking Word is Chill

The JBP site is migrating over to Profit Clicking.
Frederick Mann has retired and there is no news as to who will be taking his role in the company yet.
We will receive an email from JBP/ProfitClicking when the new site is completed and ready for us to check out.
In the meantime... stay updated to what's going on:

Or visit their conference chat room:,profitclicking

Do not log into the PC site until the migration of accounts are done please.

We know that you are all waiting for answers... they are coming we promise... here is what can be disclosed at this time....

*No your accounts are not being closed.
*Your money is safe and in the processes of being transferred along with all your referrals top the new site.
*You cannot log into your account as of yet, but you will receive a personal email when this time comes.

It has been a very exciting day with a lot of new information and direction. Stay tuned here for the latest updates and thank you for being huge part of our success.

If you have lost your password will be able to request it once the site is fully operational.

You will not lose anything! All accounts are being transfered straight across. 

Thank you for understanding.

Please all read the FAQs on
all answers are in here


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on JBP! Huge relief!

blondie said...

You're welcome.
Yep, I think it'll all work out just fine :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blondie...
- Sider

blondie said...

You're welcome Sider :)

Nige said...

I was just starting to learn a little bit about JBP as well! lol! I don't suppose you've got any tips on What happens with Tripler positions after a restart and how to make matrices cycle have you!!!!!! Pretty Please!!!

blondie said...

Let's wait and see how the new Profit Clicking site is set up.
There may be some very good information on the site that we can learn more from.
I'll post when I know more. I promise, lol