Monday, August 6, 2012

JustBeenPaid: with regards to the $45 mess up on Saturday:

-- A simulation script was run on the wrong database by accident giving funds on some members accounts. IT is aware of exactly who was affected and will reverse the funds shortly.

Now if you didn't notice it and tried to withdraw it... your account probably got blocked. Seriously blocked:
Blocked account?
I think this is VERY IMPORTANT as many users are being affected:

I got my JBP account blocked today, with these messages:
"It is not possible to buy positions for this account." when I try to buy positions.
"It is not possible to withdraw money from this account." when I try to transfer money from JSS-Tripler to JSS.

I went to the conference room and I found many users on the same situation today.
We found we have one thing in common: we all requested to withdraw part of the $45 from the glich, and our withdraw requests got a "pending" status after 24 hours, and our JBP accounts got blocked.

So, it seems that everybody who requested to withdraw all or part of the $45 is getting their JBP account blocked after 24 hours, probably because the JBP script automaticaly thought that the person funded the account with $45 and requested to withdraw it without using it inside JBP, as that is against the Terms of Service.
But the $45 came from the glich and not from our payment processor, and their script was not smart enough to detect it!

Thanks to an MMG forum poster for this information. I can honestly say that never occurred to me, but it sure does make sense now.
- Just got my 1.5% Tripler earnings for 8/4 (yes they're still behind even though they claim to be caught up.) Maybe they're caught up for newer members and us older ones are still on the back burner.

SafeRisk: still doing great and along with a cash out received yesterday, I also made another new spend. Give a little - take a little :) don't know if one has anything to do with the other, but in the News and Updates it says:
Posted Aug 5th, 2012
Bug during restart, payout request will be processed within 48-72 hours. The programmer was informed.

Then today I see my earnings on $281 was 25 cents. Ouch.
So that was either the 'bug' OR our new 100% profit sharing at work. A-oh. I suppose tomorrow will show a bigger picture.

WhirlWind: well I didn't update yesterday so here's my stats for Saturday and Today:
Saturday: spent on Subs: $72
              earned on Grids: $106
Today: spent on Subs: $76
          earned on Grids: $114.25
So every 3 days or so something cycles for me.
I can't complain too much. As long as I don't need to spend more I'm OK with it. Now remember I started on the first day. Those starting now will not see the same results. I just like to share my stats so that others who have also joined the first day will have something to compare it to.

I just read an article on the dangers of drinking....

Scared the s..t out of me.

So that's it!

After today, no more reading.


Anonymous said...

Hi blondie, here are my UWW stats:
Funds Deposited:
Total Amount Earned:
Funds used in Subscriptions:
Amount Used for One Time Ads:

Total Grid Earnings:
Grid #1 Earnings:
Grid #2 Earnings:
Grid #3 Earnings:

Total Positions:
Grid #1 Positions:
525 [140 Completed, 385 InComplete ]
Grid #2 Positions:
140 [28 Completed, 112 InComplete ]
Grid #3 Positions:
28 [0 Completed, 28 InComplete ]

blondie said...

Who is this and when did you join?

blondie said...

OK, I know who this is now. Saw your post in MMG where you added:

"Have no problem to pay for my 15$ for subs(when it is needed) but still after almost 40days to be so far from BE is giving me creeps..."

Thanks for sharing and I DO hope you get to BEP soon.
That is the exact reason I've been suggesting folks NOT join this now. It's just getting too slow and risky.
Thanks again :)

laidback said...

Need to keep a survival kit handy, including:1. A bottle of whiskey for snake bite medicine, 2. a box of snakes...!

blondie said...

laidback ...
good planning, lol

wolf456 said...

My JBP account got blocked,too.
Any solution for this problem?
I see status "It is not possible to withdraw money from this account."
But I can buy tripler poisitions,I did requested to withdraw $25 of the $45 from the glich several days ago... >_<

blondie said...

Yeah, posted this note on Tues:

*** PLEASE NOTE *** ... Members who have a negative balance in their JSS accounts due to withdrawing the accidental funding of $45 will need to open a Support Ticket via the Help Desk, using the Help Topic: "Blocked Account". The support staff will deal with it quickly.