Thursday, August 23, 2012

Profit Clicking Lives

The new Profit Clicking
- It is OK to sign in now with your ID (number) and same password you used at JBP.
- Then you must accept the "Member Agreement" to migrate your account from JBP to Profit Clicking.
- Complete your Profile.
- Select a Security Code and enter it twice.
You have successfully migrated your account to ProfitClicking! Click Here to sign in to your account! 
- OK, so I logged in and everything is pretty much blank, LOL 
But at least it's showing my correct Upline (he'll be glad to hear that). 
Since mine is all zero's, I really don't want to check anything else yet. I'll wait until my own back office has something good to show me, then I'll come back and write more.
- Don't panic if your account is blank also.
They are still moving all the info from JBP over to PC and it will take time. Since I joined early on, mine will probably be one of the last to migrate.
Progress Report: showing that I AM upgraded to Level 1, and am seeing my "Money Monitor" stats. No detail yet though.
- Hearing reports of members receiving a total of 11% earnings in their Ad Packs (formerly Triplers). This would have covered from 8/18 through 8/23.
- Don't pay too much attention to the numbers you see in your money stats. I jotted down a number but when I went back, it was lower. So they are verifying and tweaking the info.
-- Here's the explanation for that:
QUOTE URGENT UPDATE: It was some technical challenges during the completion of yesterday's daily earnings. IT is scanning members dashboards and your totals may change to reflect the correct configuration of earnings.
Remember, earnings were supposed to be paid only for positions active up until 8/20 12:05. On 8/21 we started our migration process, so payouts will NOT be made on that day. Thank you for your patience!

- Just remember folks, things are coming back little by little and what you don't see on the site today, you might tomorrow. Give the I.T. team a little more time to get everything moved over and working again. We'll be fine :)

ismAdsIncome: is working great and I have received another daily earning today. The site has been open for 7 days and has 600 members now. Good stats.
Don't think I need to remind you that the best time to join any program is always at the start. Although this one seems to have 'longevity' written all over it, still it's a good idea to get earning from the very beginning.
As a matter of fact, I've decided to make a new spend rather than scrambling to get my 'seed money' out first. Just seems like the right thing to do, for me that is. still surfing there and getting a tiny number added to my account balance daily. But with no new News updates, am afraid this one will just disappear before too long. Well at least we're prepared for it, right?

WhirlWind: got an update yesterday about Level 1 cycling giving a full $1 payout now. (Is that supposed to get us excited?)
Well, my account balance did jump a little today so I'm good for a few more days of spends now. But I also realize that every 3 or 4 days I get that little push, and this was just the regular time for that. Doubt it had anything to do with their new plans. Ah well. I'll keep watching.

Hi John (wave) I see you over there making faces at me, har!

Before giving a piece of your mind, be sure you have enough to spare!

LibertyReserve: those wondering what's going on with LR, here's the scoop:

Just heard this on a commercial. Cool song from the past.

And for those who don't remember or can't understand the lyrics.. 

Have a great night! 


Wesley said...

I am migrated over Judy. You are showing as my upline, yay! All of my dashboard is populated with the number of ad packs (whichs is accurate) and number of matrix packs is there and looks correct as well. The site is dead slow, likely due to all members on it trying to check it out at the same time. I did receive the 11% earnings for the week.

blondie said...

Thanks for checking Wesley.

Sounds good to me!
Won't be long now before I'll be able to see my info too.

Congrats on a smooth move :)

Lastri Nofri said...

very nice information....good

Lastri Nofri said...

Very nice info...good

blondie said...

Thanks but you're reading a very old post.
Check the newest one for updated info.