Saturday, August 31, 2013

Magic? or not so much :/

Was wondering what to post today and wasn't going to post this but I guess I need to for the members sake (in case you didn't read it in your email).
Although this is not the information that we all want to hear right now, is it? Personally I'm not all that interested in the magic program but would rather have some news about RAF and ismAI.

Welcome to the ismMagic Membership Updates Newsletter !

August Updates

The previously announced August updates are progressing although the "Rewards Center" should now be added during the first week of September.
To view the progress with regard to previously announced updates LOG IN and check the "Site Updates & News" on the Home page.

Memberships Available

As previously announced ismMagic memberships ongoing are FREE.
In addition to the "Founding Wizard" membership for our leaders team we are retaining 2 levels of membership:
  • Magician (Restricted feature access)
  • Wizard (Full feature access)
On joining ismMagic members will be given a "Magician" membership.
To obtain a "Wizard" membership and access to all the site's features you must go through our verification process and generate your Magic Code.

For full details, including the transitional process for existing members CLICK HERE.


Russell ismMagic


CenturionProfits: tried to do a cash out today but didn't realize you can't. I thought only payouts were held over the weekend but no, you can't request one either. OK, Monday it is.

Pnenow: heard a happy rumor about it today but cannot share unless it's a fact. I don't like rumor starters so try to get my ducks in a row before blabbing.

FortuneSteam: have a couple of pendings that are not late but later than usual. Hope all is OK with that.

AdHitProfits: surfed and earned today.

ACX and ACX-CP: geez this is confusing using the same name.
Anyway, surfed there too and picked up my 1% for the weekend.
M-F is always more fun since it's 2%. Don't ya think?

Friday, August 30, 2013

Funny Friday

You gotta admit... this is funny :) 

Personally I think the gal on the right is more attractive.

CenturionProfits: here's some good news from Keith:

All payments done for the day.. and there were a lot of

Also, we have decided since things have been going pretty smoothly and everyone is happy (hopefully) and since the commissions have been messed up on repurchases (should be fixed soon), we are going to pay all members their daily income on the holidays too! :)
So you will get your daily percentage on all holidays now!  Hope you all enjoy this!

Also, updates/newsletter coming soon!
Thanks everyone!!

Pnenow: was thinking about how to get the attention of the old ad2m members for this one since there's nothing about it written on the front page. So in one of my traffic exchange sites, I made mention of ad2million in a text ad. Yes I'm starting to promote for the sake of the old membership.
I did have a good handful of ad2m referrals, and I'm sure they had a good amount of ref's themselves so we really need to get the word out that this is opening soon. Then if they want to join, cool. If not well... at least they were made aware.

Just a reminder for those who have already purchased:
Positions will cycle and earn 1% daily starting on the grand opening date of 09/10/13

AdClickXpress/ClickPaid: Hey ACX ???
You make me log in with 2 separate ID's and passwords.
You make me use a different email address for each account.
You want me to spend my money to upgrade to "Silver" in both systems (as though they are not related).
But WHY Oh WHY won't you let me post the same Advertising URL in both of the Traffic Exchange Sites??? Huh?
Also since I'm on a roll...
It is currently taking approximately less than 24 hours for URL approvals
More like 72 and counting.

On a happier note, was paid today my first payment since ClickPaid moved over to the ACX family:
Your SolidTrust Pay account has been credited with $39.60.
Member Name: adclickxpress

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ground Hog Day

Feels like Ground Hog day around here (with reference to the movie).
Every day when I get up it's 66 degrees F.
By Noon it's 90F. By 3 PM it's 94F.
And no rain :(

Pnenow: The 2 items I mentioned yesterday are complete:

CompleteYour Upline's username will soon be is now showing in your member area.

Complete: Banners coming soon are available in your member area. (Thanks to Hula)

- If you registered under Admin (or any incorrect sponsor) by mistake, you can ask to re-assign it One Time Only by support ticket. Referral commission already issued cannot be reserved.

I did make another purchase today to check the STP error message and it's still there. Although my purchase does show up and my ad2m renewal also, it does take a little time so you need patience when looking for your purchased position. But I have a feeling that will be fixed soon :)

CenturionProfits: received another payment today but am still a little light on the re-purchase amount I was shooting for, but am getting there. Thanks Keith.

FortuneSteam: requested 2 more payments today and did a re-purchase also. Should receive that tomorrow.

AdClickXpress: made my first withdrawal request today from my newly migrated ClickPaid account. Hope it pays as fast as the original ACX does.

Original ACX: paid today in about 24 hours. Nice :)

My cat just brought a mouse in the house and dropped it in the kitchen. I had to move everything trying to get to it. And every time I moved something, it would run behind something else. Until finally, it found a place where I wasn't guarding, ran right past me and into a hole under one of the lower cupboards. Dang. Hope the little guy makes his way outside tonight. But someone remind me please... I have got to clean the kitchen, lol

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just Wednesday (cause I can't think of anything clever to say)

Pnenow: I mentioned a few things yesterday but am going to mention some of them again, along with a few new tidbits.

- You must join Pnenow as a new member if you're interested in getting the credit for some of your old ad2million positions. (or if you just want to join new :)

- You cannot just log into Pnenow using your old ad2m ID or password.

- First choose the Upline you wish to sign under. If their Username is not showing in the Registration, clear cookies and try again.

In ProgressYour Upline's username will soon be showing in your member area.

In Progress: Banners coming soon also. (Thanks to Hula)

- If you registered under Admin (or any incorrect sponsor) by mistake, you can ask to re-assign it One Time Only by support ticket. Referral commission already issued cannot be reserved.

- Where it says:
How to renew your ad2m positions:
If you have positions from ad2m, you must renew now. The renew process will stop in 30 days.
(That is 30 days from Aug 26th)

NOTE from the Admin:
A few members do not understand that pnenow is different from ad2m.
If they have positions in ad2m and like to renew them, they must:
1. sign up an account with pnenow.
2. click on renew (in the positions detail area) and set the number of ad2m positions to be renew.  (which this process to prevent cheating)
3. purchase positions from STP. The system will automatically add the ad2m positions

- I asked if RE-purchases gave us the ad2m bonus position...

Only the STP purchase can renew the ad2m position (scripts do that).

So there you have it.
No wait, one more thing...

I made another purchase from STP today and it did not go through immediately. I do think those are being manually approved at this time so if you're not seeing your new position right away, give it a few hours to show up. If you don't see it in a reasonable amount of time, a support ticket will work.

I'll be back with more stuff. OK back.

CenturionProfits: received a payout from them today and realized after I requested it I messed up. Thought I'd have enough from my 30% held to re-spend and buy another position but... guess I need a new calculator, lol
Thanks Keith :)

FortuneSteam: rinse and repeat.
Bought more spots today with earnings and cashed out again also. Thanks Max :)
Update just in:
Today Fortune Steam is 15 days old and to celebrate our successful completion of the first 12 days of payments, we have purchased a sticky listing on the MMG forum -
This listing is expected to bring more advertising value to our marketing strategy.

About Bitcoin, we will be looking at this new feature once we reach 1000 members in total. The current membership base is not enough. We believe 1000 members is enough base for such feature to be productively utilized, as this e-currency is still not that popular on the hyip market.

Thank you for being part of our program.

Max Steam and the FS team

AdHitProfits: was shocked to see an extra buck in my account today rather than just cents. Heck I should cash out but I'll wait a bit.

AdClickXpress: off to surf and if there's anything exciting, I'll be back.
Actually they're making some changes and moving things around on the site. It's pretty slick and I like it. Requested a cash out while I was there and received a Payment from them today while I was surfing (from yesterday's request). Coolio

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday and rolling ...

Pnenow: Noticed today the news area has been adjusted to show the correct launch date of Sept 10th throughout the message...

News update 08/26/13 - Leaders Pre-launch now, Grand opening on 9/10/13 

You are invited to Pnenow leaders Pre-launch. Act now to take advantage of great pre-launch offers: 

  • Positions purchased before 09/10/13 will mature at 300 times_cycle

  • Positions purchased from 09/10/13 to positions reach total of 100,000 will mature at 200 times_ cycle

  • Positions purchased after positions reach total of 100,000 will mature at 150 times_cycle

  • Positions will cycle and earn 1% daily starting on the grand opening date of 09/10/13

  • Earn 10% from all of your referrals

  • Today I purchased one position to make sure that I would receive credit for the ad2m bonus position, and it worked. Excellent.

    NOTE: First you need to JOIN as a new member in pnenow. Then the system will try to find your old account information from ad2m for the credit. You cannot just log in using your old ad2m info. You need to start fresh.

    NOTE: if the upline of your choice is NOT showing in the registration, clear cookies then click on their link again.

    After you've joined... if you're having trouble with that "click here to renew" link, the Admin has been working on getting that stable but if it's not working for you, a support ticket will do the trick.

    CenturionProfits: back to work days and back to receiving our M-F daily earning. I do have enough to withdraw and repurchase but might wait a little longer so that the amount is a little higher so that I can repurchase in a higher paying daily plan. Wow that was a long sentence, but I hope it made sense to members.
    PS, Admin sure does process payments fast too.

    FortuneSteam: off to request a cash out. BRB
    OK back. I did make a re-purchase earlier today so requested my cash out of the other 50% of my total.

    AdClickXpress: was just there and tried to do some surfing but the site kept locking up on me. So I requested a cash out and will try to surf tomorrow. I wonder if it's because of the server time change? Everybody and their dog are surfing at the same time.
    PS, their site is messed up right now. Tried to enter a new URL in their traffic exchange and it told me my URL is not valid. Well it's valid everywhere else so it must be you, not me. I'll try it again tomorrow.

    Heard this song on TV yesterday. Reminded me of me.
    "She got hair down to her knees
    Got to be a joker
    She just do what she please."

    Monday, August 26, 2013

    Pre-Launch Today - Are you ready for this?

    Three years ago today I wrote about the opening of Ad2Million.

    Those of you who were in the program with me are well aware of the unjust and humiliating deletion of my account. Well that's what happens when you try to work with an inexperienced and arrogant Admin who couldn't take the heat of my criticism.
    But that was then and this is now, and even though it's been more than two years since that incident, I certainly haven't forgotten about it.

    Which brings me to today.
    If you read my post from last Thursday you probably wondered what I could have been referring to, so here we go...

    Last week I was contacted by an old business associate who just happens to be the script owner and programmer for a number of different programs throughout the years, including ad2million.
    I was quite shocked to hear from him since we haven't spoken for three years and I just figured he wrote me off, just like I wrote him off.

    So our initial conversations consisted of some apologizing for what happened to me and my account in ad2m. But like I said earlier, not something I can forget about but am trying my best to forgive at this point.

    The more we talked the more I realized this is not all about me. I've known this Admin for over ten years now and he has always been fair to me and members of his programs. Of course they don't always work out the way we want them to, but what does? Not much in this business.

    Now just so you understand, he wasn't the one Administering ad2m. It was his friend that controlled the Admin functions and he only helped her with the database maintenance and programming. So does that get him off the hook for my anger over all of it? Well I dunno but like I said it's not all about me.

    Reading back to my old posts about this, I had over 300 referrals in ad2m. Really? 300? That's a lot blondie! Yeah it is but realize not all of them were active. But thinking about the ones who were, and the ones who feel they may have gotten the short end of the stick... here is why he contacted me and why I am contacting you:

    He opened his new program last night called Pnenow.

    Funny name huh? How would you pronounce that?
    I don't know but am guessing the pne stands for post n earn.
    Oh and when you look at the site... yeah, it's the same look and script from ad2m so if you were a member, you should recognize it.

    Anyway, his intentions are to help those who were in ad2m with a free $10 position for each new $20 position they purchase.
    So even though the earnings are only 1% Daily, if you had positions in ad2m you can easily turn that into 1.5% daily until those old ad2m positions expire.

    NOTE: the ad2m positions will expire at 75 cycles.

    NOTE: if you were an ad2m member, I would suggest using the same username in pnenow to avoid any confusion but I'm told it's not necessary. He said just "click on the renew button" and that should work.

    NOTE: if you were not an ad2m member and wondering if 1% daily can ever amount to anything, check the calculator on the site. You may be surprised.

    There are time limits on purchasing in order to get the bonus position added, but that's all mentioned on the site. You do have 30 days so no need to rush.

    This next part I was going to write out but will copy n paste instead. It's in the member area so you won't see it until you join.

    News update 08/26/13 - Leaders Pre-launch now, Grand opening on 9/10/13 

    You are invited to Pnenow leaders Pre-launch. Act now to take advantage of great pre-launch offers: 
  • Positions purchased before 09/15/13 will mature at 300 times_cycle

  • Positions purchased from 09/16/13 to positions reach total of 100,000 will mature at 200 times_ cycle

  • Positions purchased after positions reach total of 100,000 will mature at 150 times_cycle

  • Positions will cycle and earn 1% daily starting on the grand opening date of 09/15/13

  • Earn 10% from all of your referrals

  • Looks like he's in the process of changing dates and Grand Opening will be Sept 10th now. Well that's even better :)

    NOTE: cycling will not start until the 'other' grand opening of 9/15.

    - Currently STP can be used and he's in the process of adding Payza.

    I personally have not funded yet but plan to soon. He does like to change things so I'll wait just a bit before jumping in head first.

    Did I forget anything? Golly it's been a long day.
    I do have a couple of questions pending with him now so once those are answered, I'll fill in the blanks of what I wasn't sure about.

    Will update on everything else tomorrow.
    Hope you all have a great night and remember...

    Sunday, August 25, 2013


    Feeling a little more like a human today (rather than a zombie) I'm happy to get back to work :)

    ACX / ClickPaid account: Good News. As long as you use a different email address in your new ACX account, you can use the same pay processor ID's that are in your original ACX account.
    I just tried adding mine and it worked!
    As a matter of fact, I was so happy about it I decided to re-purchase another ad pack with earnings rather than wait for the $10 to cash out. But that's just me. You do whatever you feel is best.

    Hey! You ClickPaid folks wanna put some URL's in the Traffic Exchange please!!! I tried to surf and got this:

    There is no ads available now, please try again in some time.
    You have viewed 0 ads today and you have total 0 reserved credit.

    Oh nevermind. This explains it. I must have jumped in there right when they were taking the site down.

    The Ad Click Xpress website is
    Temporarily Unavailable and is Under Maintenance

    Please check back later


    FortuneSteam: my 12x12 expired today so I re-purchased into the daily plan using the principal from the term plan, then requested a cash out for the earning. Yeah I know, my actions are a bit risky but the daily plan is comfortable so I'm OK with my decision. FYI and good luck :)
    - Paid again today and also re-spent a portion of my earnings. Man I could do this till the cows come home, lol

    Saturday, August 24, 2013

    Quiet Day But

    I'm really glad cause I was up sick all night.
    Will try to pick up the pace tomorrow.

    Friday, August 23, 2013

    TGIF I Think :)

    I'll try to catch up fast.

    CenturionProfits: paid again yesterday. Thanks Keith.
    I do however need to catch up on some forum reading about CP and their future plans. Just haven't had enough time lately.

    FortuneSteam: paid yesterday also and made a re-purchase. Will do the same today. Oh hey, today is Day 10 for FS so you daily players can say BEP :)

    AdClickXpress: the pay processor problem in the newly transferred ClickPaid to ACX site really is a problem IMO. Read this and see what you think:

    --------------------START OF STAFF REPLY--------------------

    Hello xxxxx,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Now that you have 2 separate Ad Click Xpress (ACX) accounts, please be advised that each account must have its own separate email address and its own separate payment processors.  When you migrate your Click Paid account to ACX, you will not be able to link the same pay processors that you use for your main ACX account.  You will also need to change your email address to one that is different than you are using for your other ACX account.  

    Currently, members are unable to change the email address in their newly migrated account because that feature is not working properly yet.  Once this is able to be done, we will let you know by sending out a reminder.  Please continue to monitor your email and Message Archive for further updates as they become available.

    Thank you for contacting Ad Click Xpress Member Services.

    Angela, Member Services

    ---------------------END OF STAFF REPLY---------------------

    Now, re my dilemma in yesterdays post...still undecided.
    The whole thing just threw me for a loop that I can't seem to make sense of. Anyway I'll let you know later what happens so wish me luck.

    Thursday, August 22, 2013

    Can't Post Today

    Was busy this morning with offline stuff then was contacted by a 'ghost from the past' in my online world. Received an interesting note about a new program but I don't know how to push my forgiveness button at this time. Wish I had JS around here for guidance right now. Anyway, I'll share more with you later with whatever direction I choose. It's a hard one.

    Wednesday, August 21, 2013

    ClickPaid Members - Time To Migrate

    ACX - ClickPaid: when you log into ClickPaid today you'll see a message about migrating your CP account over to ACX.
    - Read the entire note all the way down to the "Migrate Now" button.
    - Click on that and follow the instructions.
    There are a couple of additional pages that show up after the migration page so read up and take notes.
    - YES, you will have a new ACX ID number which you can log into using your old ClickPaid password (IF your ACX p/w doesn't work).
    - YES, those of us who were in both programs will now have to log into each one separately.
    - Problem: when trying to Add my Pay Processor ID to the wallet section, I get a note stating "That account has already been taken" and to use another. So I guess they're still working on that part of the site. I'll wait it out.
    - Re: their Traffic Exchange, I couldn't add the same URL to both ACX and the new ACX/ClickPaid site. I would have thought since the sites were separate log in's that the TE would also be separate. Guess not.

    CenturionProfits: did you all get the email Update yesterday?
    I'd post it here but it's quite long. I actually received it twice so hopefully you got it as well :)

    TheAdsBazaar: also sent out an update yesterday.
    Again I would post but not too many of you are involved so if you didn't receive it, give me a holler and I'll forward it to you.

    FortuneSteam: cashed out again today from FS and received it lightning fast! Also made a re-spend at the same time. What day are we up to now? Eight. Been 8 days of earnings so far. Excellent. Won't be long for my 12x12 plan to mature. YaY!

    AdHitProfits: was happily surprised today to see my account balance up by over a dollar rather than just cents. Super. Sure hope it continues that way.

    AdClickXpress: I'll get back to them later. Maybe.
    Well, my Ad Pack numbers are getting up there so what the hell, might as well keep purchasing for now. I highly doubt a restart would be coming to ACX since they just opened the Panels. Of course I could be wrong but in the meantime, just going with my gut feeling.

    RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome:

    Tuesday, August 20, 2013

    Caught In The Crossfire

    CenturionProfits: looks like CP got caught in the crossfire of an internet brawl. Here's a couple of notes I wanted to share:

    Member: There is a large scale DDOS attack hitting several of the revshare sites in the past few hours and right now on others, so that may be what's happening here as well.

    Admin: Yes, I have now been informed this too. So I am on it smile.gif Thanks everyone!

    Even if you look at my signature, from time to time, my banners disappear too! So I too am waiting until they fight it off. With the last two days being back and forth, it has made it impossible to answer support tickets too! so please hang tight. will get to then asap! Thanks for your patience!!

    OK so we're in good hands and waiting it out.
    Thanks Keith

    Later in the day, it's back!
    Well you can see its running again :) Thank goodness!
    Anyways, did all pending cashouts as some of you already know and answered all support tickets I had also!
    I will be sending out a newsletter soon with some more info and things.

    AND received a payment today that I requested yesterday!
    Thanks again Admin :)

    TheAdsBazaar: did my daily activities as always.
    Wonder who won the weekend contest? It was a big one but haven't seen the results yet.

    FortuneSteam: moving right along. In a couple of hours when my daily earning comes through, I'll be re-purchasing and cashing out* again. I normally like to get to BEP before repurchasing, but it's been a week now so I think it's time to start doing a little of both. Especially since it's only a 12 day plan.
    * Paid super duper fast. Thanks Max!

    AdHitProfits: that Charles is always up to something.
    Here's his latest update:

    => ADHitProfit is BacK ** Charles Did It AGAIN ** !!
    => MINISHARES: New $10 Ad Revenue Pack Turns To $12.50 !!
    => Earning Percentages “HIGHER On All Shares” !!
    => A 30 Minute HOLIDAY Roller Coaster Ride Again With AHP !!
    => A 24 Hour Delay to Catch the Fraud before it is Shared !!
    => All Purchases Today Will be Disbursed Tomorrow In 30 Minutes Interval!!
    => NEW Security Features !!
    => 10% Referral Commissions !!
    => All Withdrawals INSTANT !!
    => Egopay, STP, Credit Cards, & EzyBonds Accepted !!

    New Advertising Features:

    => A scrolling Featured Text Ad Highlighted!
    => Front Page of Adhitprofits with 10,000 Views!
    => Directory Listings & Website Traffic!
    => Forum Advertising Services * New Topic for just $10!
    => 728x90 LeaderBoard Ads (Viewed by over 200,000 unique people per day)!
    => PPC Banner Advertising!
    => Guaranteed Traffic Packages!
    => Free URL Rotator!

    Exciting time to jump into the game !! Get started now!  Get Ready to SPIKE!!!


    Ad Hit Profits Team

    AdClickXpress: I'll be back later with my ACX update.
    OK back.
    One of my friends alerted me that they've added CP Wallet to our wallet area now. CP = ClickPaid. It's not showing yet when you click on wallet but it is showing in the column on the left. So they are making progress with that.
    Will be interesting to read their update about how exactly CP members will be transferred over to ACX. Stay tuned.
    PS, almost forgot...
    Received 2 more notifications today of panels filling.
    Correction: 4 panel spots filled now and I'm otta here.

    Monday, August 19, 2013


    CenturionProfits site has been down quite a bit today. No worries. Admin and the team are working on something that is causing it to load slow or unavailable. Check back later.
    * Almost 6 PM my time, site is back but a little sluggish.
    I did manage to get a withdraw request in and made a re-purchase as well.

    FortuneSteam: made a re-purchase today with some of my balance and cashed out the rest. Was paid in a matter of minutes too! Good stuff.
    Here's an update that just arrived a few minutes ago:

    Fortune Steam is doing great, so we are thinking of broadening our investment platform by adding Bitcoin as an accepted currency. This means that members will be able to use Bitcoins to earn from our program.

    Today Germany officially recognizes Bitcoin as a legal tender - recognized in law and for tax purposes, which allows Bitcoin to join the official currencies of the world. Germany has become the first country to accept the digital money as legal tender.

    You can get more information about the news here -

    We will keep you informed on the progress with the integration of Bitcoin into our program. You will hear more from us in the coming days.

    Thank you for being part of Fortune Steam.


    AdClickXpress: just waiting for the server day change to go do my thing for today. Sure would be nice if ACX keeps on keepin on, ya know?
    Re: their Traffic Exchange, they say...
    It is currently taking approximately less than 24 hours for URL approvals
    And that is true. I submitted a URL for a program the day it launched and by the next day, it was already getting hits. So they're doing it right.
    Also re the TE, we are getting a lot more hits now since we need to have 50 in reserve for each Ad Panel we have in order to be paid out. As for myself, I have 150 reserved at this time. Once I purchase another panel, I'll gladly surf 50 more so it's ready :)

    RicanAdFunds: no news at their Official Blog. sheesh

    Sunday, August 18, 2013

    Somber Sunday

    Feeling a little out-of-it today.
    Gloomy, or maybe just tired.
    I'm not used to babysitting a three year old twice in three days. Not to mention the 4 dogs at the house also. Besides their own 2 boxers, the kids are also watching 2 more dogs for a friend while he is out of town. Made it hard to find an open spot to sit on the couch :)
    It does take its toll on you. Fun... but tiring.

    FortuneSteam: happy to report fast payments continue. And watching the stats page, looks like it's growing nice and steady.
    Was paid today just a few minutes ago and received it shortly after my request. Excellent :)

    AdClickXpress: last night while I was away, I got paid twice from ACX. Cashed out some RC plus my Panel earnings and they were both paid promptly. Just waiting now for the ClickPaid migration over to ACX to see what the damage is from the announced 'restart'.

    First time I noticed this today...
    After you login
    Go to Wallet
    Under the Payment Processors list there is a red box that says "About Withdrawal Limits", click on that
    Scroll down a little bit and you can check the status of each pay processor before you request your withdrawal.

    Note: The status showing above is updating automatically by the ACX withdrawal system.

    Not sure if that will help anyone but wanted you to know it was there.

    Saturday, August 17, 2013


    AdClickXpress: new message posted that includes ClickPaid members as well as ACX members.
    Also yes, their Payza is working. I made a successful withdraw request last night.

    Friday, August 16, 2013

    Nibbling Away At My Premium Funds

    Had fun babysitting Olivia last night. Got home just after 11 then couldn't get to sleep. Last time I checked the clock it was 3:30 AM, so if I get a little punchy, that would be why.

    CenturionProfits: good news from Admin:

    Egopay is finally working!!! Checked it myself and it now reflects in the back office dash area too! Woohoo!!

    Remember, no payments on weekends coming up smile.gif And slower support for weekends too! Thanks everyone!

    Those of you with referrals may have noticed a discrepancy in the RC you receive. Admin is aware of that and will address it soon.
    Thanks Keith!

    TheAdsBazaar: same ole same ole.
    Did my daily activities and received my daily earnings.
    Remember though, this only needs to be done on business days unless they do another weekend contest.

    FortuneSteam: is going great and I'm seeing a lot of paid posts in forums and their facebook page. I personally didn't request a payment today but those who have were paid promptly.

    AdHitProfits: still surfing daily but not sure why.
    Sorry, don't mean to sound negative and maybe it's just my lack of sleep getting in the way. I suppose if I were more 'active' in the program I'd be happier. But sometimes I just don't have enough energy, ya know?

    RicanAdFunds/ismAI: anybody get paid from Rican lately?
    No? Me neither. 

    ClickPaid: site is open again for viewing. So those of you who missed the latest updates can log in and view them now. The one from Aug 6th is the one that had a problem and no one could open it. So go now, open it up and read if you're a member and waiting to be moved to ACX.

    Which brings me to my subject line...

    AdClickXpress: here's a nice note I got today:

    Congratulations! Your Panel has Completed!

    Was surprised to read that too.
    I have not bought any accelerators yet but I do have an active downline so am sure that helped a lot. Thanks guys!

    Have been thinking about what to do with my $60 payout from that. After chatting with my upline decided to follow in his footsteps.

    With $60 in Panel Balance, I can purchase 2 new panels for $28.00. Yes they cost $20 each but if I also use my Premium Funds ($6 for each panel) that covers it. Then I'm left with $32.00 panel balance that I can withdraw if I want to.
    So I get 2 new panels (from one completed) plus a cash out.
    Can't beat that with a stick, lol

    So between the Ad Packs, Panels and Membership upgrade, I've been nibbling away at my Premium Funds balance little by little.
    Don't have Premium Funds?
    Well you can also use the Basic Funds in your account too although it's 2% from Basic as opposed to 3% from Premium.

    So I guess it's a little bit me, a little bit you... too.
    (told ya I'm tired today, hehe)

    Thursday, August 15, 2013

    Nothing Day

    Been pretty quiet around here lately.
    Well it is mid August so could be due to vacations or getting the kids ready to go back to school. I remember that being a busy time for me too. Lots of shopping for school supplies and clothes... lots of expensive clothes :(

    Anyway, going to post an update that just came in from FortuneSteam. Then I'm otta here to do a little baby sitting tonight.

    Dear Judy M.

    Fortune Steam welcomes you to our site. We are extremely happy with what the future holds for us as a community. We thank you for choosing Fortune Steam and trusting our program.

    Please take some time to get familiar with the system. Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions. It is your right to ask questions. We will be more than happy to serve you.

    If you have received payment from us already, please find some time to support Fortune Steam by posting your payment proof in forums, monitors, Facebook group, etc.


    Max Steam

    Wednesday, August 14, 2013

    One Liners

    It's late here so I need to do a few one liners today.

    CenturionProfits: looks good from where I sit and requested another payment* today. Also made my re-purchase right after my request.
    * Update: got paid at about 6 PM my time. Excellent!

    TheAdsBazaar: did my daily activities and collected my daily earning.

    FortuneSteam: off to a great start and made my first withdraw today which was paid in a matter of minutes!

    AdHitProfits: did my daily surfing and picked up a few more cents. That reminds me, there's a new email from them that I haven't opened yet. Dang, I'll read that next.**

    AdClickXpress: requested a payout yesterday morning and received it just a few minutes ago. So way less than 48 hours for that. Thanks team!
    Late night update: was getting ready to log off for the night and noticed an email regarding my Panels. Got one more space filled so now I have 4 out of the 6 needed to fill my Panel. Sweet dreams!

    RicanAdFunds (ismAI too): did I see some payment proofs today? Well maybe. But this morning seems like a long time ago now. As for me, my next w/d request was sent on July 2nd, so waiting like everyone else.

    ** OK here it is and it sounds interesting even for those who have not spent money in AHP yet.

    There is a new free advertising feature being built into AdHitProfits.

    This new feature will help you to.....

    - Get more referrals to AdHitProfits
    - Get YOUR website seen by more people
    - Drive more targeted traffic to your many sites all at once
    - Display your websites in emails "cloaked" keeping your page hidden
    - Send website visitors to many websites using a single web link

    This will be FREE to use for all members, even if you never paid !

    Something new is coming to AHP... keep an eye out for it...


    Owner - Ad Hit Profits

    Tuesday, August 13, 2013

    New Program Announcement

    New short term program opened today.
    I say short term because of the high daily earnings.
    These sort of programs are not something to bank on for long term success, but more in the ballpark of a short term rush.
    Now it may last much longer than expected, just like others have surprised me from time to time. So if you decide to play... play wisely, don't get greedy, only spend what you can afford to lose and have a good time!

    As you can see on the banner, there are only 2 plans.
    - 144% after 12 days
    - 10% daily for 12 days
    Obviously the 144% gives a higher payout but you must wait until the 12 days are over to receive your earnings.
    On the other hand, the 10% daily plan is less of a risk since you can cash out as you go along.
    Me? I made a deposit in both just for grins. I enjoy the comfort of the daily cash but I also enjoy a gamble every now and then.
    Everything else you need to know is in the FAQ's and Terms.
    Good Luck! Have Fun! and I'll be back in a few.

    CenturionProfits: received my first payment from CP today which of course also bought me a new plan.* Remember now that 30% of your requested payout goes back into the program and starts a whole new ball game. Looks good to me :)
    Checked on the Trailer/Mobile Home project and I see we've collected over $700 so far. Long way to go but it's getting there. Thanks to everyone who made a contribution.

    * Heads-Up on that: when you request your withdrawal, 30% of the amount gets moved to your Re-Purchase Balance. You then need to "Buy Shares" with the re-purchase balance amount. It does not do it automatically.
    Learning as we go ;)

    Also, you CAN deposit via EgoPay from your member area now. Although it's not showing in your account immediately, Admin is working on that.

    Egopay funds directly to CenturionProfits account but does not show up in the back office yet. It should be fixed soon! Thanks!

    RicanAdFunds/ismAdsIncome: seeing more payment proofs in the forum today. Now that's good news! I have quite a few small requests that should also be paid out soon. Will let you know when it happens.

    Withdrawal Payments Re-Started
    written by Russell ISMmagic, August 13, 2013

    Payments started again today.

    Our STP account is a corporate account with large sums of money being processed. STP user access issues may be resolved quickly for personal accounts but the process is more complex for corporate accounts.

    We anticipate catching up with latest published payment schedule by Friday 23rd August.