Friday, June 15, 2012

At Least It's Friday

Is it just me or has this been a stressful week?
With JBP site being up & down and TGP asking for ID's, not sure what to think right now. Well it's early and the day is young. Maybe it'll get better.

Poor JustBeenPaid: still having problems with the site. If you can get it open, which I did, but when trying to login I got a "502 Bad Gateway" error message. OK, I'll just try again later.
Oh and for those waiting for a payment or something, please remember if we can't get in neither can support or the folks who do the payouts.

SafeRisk: is doing well and I just requested another payment. Getting close to having my spend back now. I did buy positions on three different occasions, so that's why it's taking so long.

TheGoldenPath: please remember to sign up for their Newsletters right after you join. You need to stay informed on what's going on daily.
Now depending on their ID requirement and my gut feeling, I may or may not continue with the program. Hate to quit now but if they don't believe who I am without sending in identification, I doubt I will continue. moved $25 yesterday from my cash balance to my e-wallet to pay for my upcoming Dragonfly membership fee (mine is due on the 18th). I have it set to "auto-renew" but your payment is taken from your e-wallet.
Also requested a little cash out to help with my attitude, LOL

Seeing that it's June 15th, I checked in at aDailyCash. Remember they said we can withdraw on June 15th to either LR or PM. Too bad that Alert Pay is STUCK in the withdraw area and can't be changed. So my $2,448 will just have to sit there and look at me a little while longer. Hard for me to comprehend how scammers think. And WHY is the site still up and accepting money??? The greediness of that group just floors me :(

ShowBizHits: yesterday was Chris's Birthday and I did pop into Skype to wish her a happy day. I've known Chris a long time and she and Lisa are doing a great job running this Traffic Exchange. Happy Birthday again Chrissy and many more! Give the pooches a hug for me too, hehe

OK, before I forget...
- there's a New HYIP coming soon.
Will have 3 different plans to choose from and a 2 level RC. Don't have any more details at this time but should be ready to Launch sometime next week.

- a
lso coming is a new Surf Site where you only have to surf 1 to get credit for the day. Now how hard can that be? lol
Will keep you informed on both of these as I learn more.


kevan said...

B sure to give my a personal invite on both new hyip and surf.


blondie said...

Thanks Kev,
Will try to remember.
Pinch me if I forget, hehe

kevan said...

Pinch lol

blondie said...

funny guy :)

kevan said...

Is this hyip (SG) you speak about luanched ?. I see it offered at another blog and was wondering if it was same one.

blondie said...

Nope, not the same one.
Had to go searching for the SG myself because I was not aware of that one.
But no, it's not that one.

kevan said...

Ok thats great, will wait to hear from you soon. Or you will be hounded daily lol

blondie said...

The heat is on eh? lol