Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Is A Tripler?

I'll touch base on Golden Path later.
Waiting to see what happens about this ID requirement first.
Lot of thoughts running through my head but until I have more detail, I'll keep it to myself.

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I did join in on the conf there yesterday. What I expected to be 1/2 hour long ended up running for 2 hours and wasn't done yet. I finally had to log off and get my butt cheeks moving, lol
Now the speaker, Lavour sounded really excited about everything and I can see him being a good trainer... once those newbies in the room can get their JBP feet wet and stop asking newbie questions.
Not knocking new people, the more the merrier, but wish they'd do a little research first... read the site, ask their sponsor or spend some time in the main JBP chat room to get their basic questions answered.
I'll be tuning in again today to learn something new about marketing. That's why I joined the group. Don't need to hear the answer to "what is a Tripler?"
As for me personally:
- one of my referrals-referrals bought over 5K in Triplers recently.
- one of my referrals cycled 20-some matrices (sort of lost count).
- I cycled another matrix a few days ago, also had 2 new ones placed so I went in and bought placements and premiums for both.
- payments are always prompt.
- and I got a new referral today :)
So my happy list just goes on and on.
Was watering my dying grass last night and decided "I can water it as much as I want. Water is expensive but I can afford it this year." So there you have it.

Quick update: the JBP site has been having little hiccups today with regards to trying to get into your Tripler or JSS account from the main page after login. They are aware of it and working on it. Just try again later or tomorrow.


Unknown said...

hi hw r u? My church is earning 250$ per day from jbp. And due to this we are now in a position to help more poor and orphan children. All there blessings going to fredrick mann and you. You are the only person guided us to overcome recent financial crises. Thank you blondie.

blondie said...

That's great to hear @amit.
So they must have put in a big chunk of money to get going, or they got some church members to sign up under them?
Well in either case, Congrats to them and you! That is what Frederick Mann would like to hear about. More people becoming free from debt and hunger.

Unknown said...

near about 1427 members of our church join as a referral in jbp. We have started with 2500$. But church has already earned more than that. And everyday in our prayer we include fredrick mann and you. Jesus have send you as a angel to help us from that financial crises. Love you lot blondie. @amit

blondie said...

You are way too sweet and I am not an angel (blush)

Very happy to hear that the Church and members are doing so well.
Am also happy to hear that the Church is already in profit.
That was my main concern when you and I talked about via email.
Am glad that everything is working out for you, the Church, all the members and those who are most in need.

PS, would be a great testimonial for the site. No need to mention me though. I just told you the truth.

Mark said...

Good Morning Blondie. Glad to hear such wonderful testimonial. You should forward this conversation to Mr. Fredrick Mann.

blondie said...

Hi Mark,
Yep, a pretty awesome testimony for sure!
Good idea about sending it to Mr Mann.