Monday, June 11, 2012

Be Back Tomorrow

Was busy outside today putting in a new mailbox.
Seems my old one finally rotted out after 40 years. Am guessing 40 years since that's how old my house is. Anyway, will catch up on everything tomorrow.
Cheers :)

PS, there's a call tonight for Golden Path members. Info is on the site right after you log in and was also sent in an email in case you can't get that link to work. There is a phone number to call in.


doomcrew said...

I love the paranoid neighbor who puts in the mailbox sideways so kids wont baseball bat it. I had a neighbor in an upscale area keep the mailbox barely upright with logs of wood, all that was missing was the Deliverance music and the banjo kid.

blondie said...

Too funny :)
I was brave and put mine in normal.
Guess I'm just asking for trouble eh?
Cheers DC