Friday, June 29, 2012

TGIF I guess

- Yawn. I was outside mowing the back yard at 8 AM today. Had a real cough fest between the grass clippings, the dust from the dry spots and the smoke in the air from the wild fires. Now it's getting hot again and I'm getting tired.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: Listened to Frederick's call last night and a few good questions were asked. He said (not quoted, but as I jotted down...):
- best time to request a Payza withdrawal is around 3 PM PST.
- still working on additional income streams.
- could take 2-3 months to catch up on the matrices.
- Level 2 is still coming along with JBP Living.
- something called 'Viral Profit Lists' will be added also.
- their Traffic Exchange has been added and you're welcome to use it. He said it is not mandatory at this point in order to get paid. But could be soon.
- someone suggested dropping those people who are not participating in the Matrix side, out of the matrix. Since some prefer the daily Tripler earnings and that's more than enough for them.
Well I dunno. What if you have so many matrices that you can't keep up with buying placements and premiums? Would that mean you're "not participating" in them? Yeah, I suppose it would.
They should get the $5 Loan placements working again on a regular basis first.
Or what about splitting it down the middle? If it's been 30 days and you get the $5 Loan for your placement... you must upgrade it to Premium else it will just sit there. Hmmm Food for thought I suppose.
(And no, I don't have so many matrices that I can't handle them. Was just sharing the call info (and my thoughts) with you.)

Safe Risk: keep forgetting they're a day behind so my 1st deposit that will expire tomorrow, won't really pay until July 1st. I think.
I'll let you know what happens with that.
In the meantime, I just made another spend there. First time I've used the 'purchase from balance' option. Every time before that I bought fresh from one of the pay processors.

GBC: just got my 2 new "Easy 40 Plans" to replace the 2 that expired recently. Thanks Gord. Still crazy after all these years, LOL

Look! My Golden Path banner is back :o
Can't open the site yet but it's a start.

Un-WhirlWind: (sry for abbreviating the name but it's a long one)
Checked my account today and it's the same as it was yesterday afternoon. Then I got this message about 1/2 hour ago:
You may have noticed your Ad Subs have been bumped back after our repairs were made yesterday. Expect the winds to pick up in the next 3-4 hours. This is approximately when the bulk of the daily ad subs will start whirling.

We are now reaching the 5000 membership mark and holding onto our impressive 60% plus conversion rate to Pro. We want to thank you all for your continued support. 
(Pro means paid member, one with at least 1 sub)

We will be publicizing the Founders' Positions when we feel the weather conditions are stable enough to handle the increased wind speeds that it will create. Now is the time to load up on positions. Next week, expect record breaking wind speeds after our announcement. And you thought this week was windy?!!

Committed to YOUR Advertising Success!
The Unstoppable Whirlwind Administration

Guess they were having a little trouble getting things worked out and I've heard that the Grids might be down for 12-24 hours while improvements are made. OK, I won't be here in 12 hours so ... tomorrow it is.
- Update: Subs were double (or triple) charged today and the Admin's are aware of it. Should be corrected soon, I hope :(

-- And last but not least:
Well it got too windy today, but we are on top of it. There is a small batch of subs that are running through the system again that have already been deducted. With this in mind, we are going to stop the subs so that the programmer can get this batch fixed. It should be completed by this time tomorrow, and the wind will start blowing again.

In the meantime, if your sub has not been deducted, this is fine. We have disabled subs until the problem is resolved. You do not need to send in a support ticket as sub deductions will be delayed.

For those of you that were charged multiple subs, we apologize. We have taken note of it. Please allow us some time to fix it. We will have it solved for you and the other accounts that have incurred this same error. The excess amount deducted from your account will be credited back by 8 am EST Monday. Do not worry about a negative balance over the weekend. There is no need to send in a support ticket at this time. We are fully aware of the error. Thank you for your patience and support.
Committed to YOUR Advertising Success
The Unstoppable Whirlwind Admin Team

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