Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Program Launch

Not sure how to announce this so I'll just play it by ear.
Was notified of this one coming a couple of days ago by a good friend. Once the site could be viewed, I liked what I saw.
UnstoppableWhirlWind just opened for business about an hour ago. If you're familiar with GoldenPath, it's similar with regards to paying a daily subscription fee, BUT they are each $1 daily and not $2.
The front page gives a good overview of it all, with regards to the 6 different levels and how you can earn.
(tried to post it here but having a problem with the font)
Anyway, there is a 25% Repurchase Rule that you need to be aware of.
- No Sponsoring required to earn.
- Accepts Payza and STP.
- Be sure to read the Terms and the FAQ's.
- They use the ewallet system and min. deposit is $15.
So I'm in with 2 Sub's to start and we'll see how it goes.
Here's there first email update about 4 hours after opening:
We are having a very successful day thanks to you. Would you believe over 1500 members have joined our advertising platform?!? Over 67% are PRO members in pre-launch. Buy an Ad, if you have not. We are spinning in a very controlled climate. Here is what's around the corner; We are going to make a Founder's Position announcement soon. You all have an equal starting chance as Founders. We will start payouts in the next 12 hours. We need to cross our t's and dot our i's for the first run. What's the weather look like tomorrow? Expect to see a lot more wind from the next round of ad purchases. Stay tuned, there is so much MORE in store for our valued members. Committed to Your Advertising Success! Shahmir and Amit dba: AS Ventures The Unstoppable Whirlwind Admin Team

- Can you tell I'm still blah today? Already HOT here and it's only 10:30! My area is expecting another 103F day. This will be 5 in a row over 100. Not to mention we have 10 active wild fires burning now. Horrible isn't it?

JBP-JSS-Tripler: (^_^) JSS-Tripler - Back to Normal Soon!
We're experiencing some issues with our Liberty Reserve (LR) account. We expect to resolve the matter soon. We also expect to resume LR payouts soon. Until the matter is completely resolved, we've reduced the daily LR withdrawal limits. We'll increase them again as soon as feasible.
Since I am not a regular user of LR, I haven't seen any problem myself. Always read the announcements when you log in though.
GREAT NEWS!!! The problems with Liberty Reserve have been resolved and transactions will resume today!
Any members who have attempted to fund their JSS accounts through Liberty Reserve, but the funds were not credited to their JSS accounts, should submit a Help Request with ALL the relevant details, including JBP ID#, LR batch#, and amount.
- I'm still a day behind on the Tripler earnings, but it doesn't really matter since they pay until you reach 150% anyway. Unless they're included in a Restart... that's a whole different ball game.

SafeRisk: earning daily and cashed out again yesterday.

GoldenPath: site is still down. I'll go read up on what's going on.
OK, not much news out there other than the Newsletters from the Admins. So the waiting game is still on :(
- GP just sent out the link via newsletter to their recorded conf call from Monday. FYI

What else...
GBC is fine. 
Mint.bz is fine. Their Newsletter 14 came out 2 days ago but I just now read it. Dang I'm slow. Just not motivated in this heat!

Back to the drawing board for that New Surf program.
Won't be opening any time soon. (sigh)

And as far as I know, the New HYIP is still on track for July 1st. So we'll see how this week goes, K? k

Been reading about a lot of problems with STP lately (solid trust pay). The site was down for me yesterday, but today I was able to login and request a bank transfer. So everything looks OK now.

Happy Birthday (yesterday) David R Morrison
I didn't forget, just didn't have time to send you a song.
Hope you enjoy hearing this one again. R.I.P


ld randi said...

whirlwind seems to be very good.
just joined under your referral.

blondie said...

Thanks Randi :)
You're my first, lol
Cheers and Good Luck to us both!

shersto86 said...

I just joined under you too. According to the MMG forums people are cycling already... that's crazy. Thanks for the early heads up!

blondie said...

And Thank You shersto86
Yes some of those folks got an early invite and had more info ahead of time.
I do hope to see everyone profit equally with regards to the matrices.

doomcrew said...

The whirlwind site looks good, just hope it doesnt end up like centurion did. Your mention of the new surf just reminded me how much fun those used to be especially that huge one many years ago that was insane. Thanks for the news and updates as always and stay cool in that insane heat.

blondie said...

Not sure what CWC has to do with WhirlWind, but ok.

12DailyPro you speak of? Yes it was fun for sure. Miss those days.

Thanks for stopping by :)