Tuesday, June 19, 2012


JBP-JSS-Tripler: besides the warning you see when you log into your account that says:
Please note there is a fraudulent email circulating with the subject: "You won 100 JSS-Tripler Positions !". This email DID NOT originate from the JBP system and is a "phishing" attempt at getting your personal Liberty Reserve Account information.
We will NEVER offer any funds or JSS-Tripler positions in a contest with a requirement to pay a fee via Liberty Reserve
or any other payment processor. *** Stay informed, stay safe! ***
There's a new one out with the subject line:
400 USD prize - JBP Marketing Training Webinars Today!
and it's real cheesy looking ... not an email that JBP would send out,
that's for sure!

GoldenPath: site is still offline :(
Hello Members,
Just a quick update to let you know that the site is still experiencing hosting issues but they are working hard to get this resolved.
Accounts WILL NOT be deleted for $0 or negative balances until this is resolved.
We will send another newsletter when we have something more to share.
Thank you for your patience.
TheGoldenPath Admin Team

Well, it's almost my sign off time so let's see what tomorrow brings.

I'll be around in the AM again, just wanted to show you that phishing email tonight so that you don't click on any links in it.

PS, is it just me or has the internet been weird today? Like really slow and non-responsive? Just curious if anybody else noticed it.
Have a good evening :)


Elmer said...

I just love it when a hyip claims hosting issues. Too funny.

blondie said...

Well Elmer,
ended up being a DDOS attack.
We'll see :)