Sunday, June 3, 2012

Birthdays, Errors, Bunnies and more...

Error Error Error!
Tried to write here earlier, but kept getting this dang error from blogspot. Cleaned everything out, rebooted and it seems to be OK now :)

It's a nice quiet Sunday, been feeding the squirrels and the blue jays, and watching the neighborhood rabbits eat my garden. Sad but true. I've been trying to get some cucumber plants going but they keep disappearing on me. So I got smart this year. Planted a second batch of seeds and covered them with 2 plastic crates, (it pays to be a pack rat), which I hope will keep the hungry bunnies out.

Hey just for grins... has anybody tried to get to the old ad2million site lately? Wonder what the heck that admin witch is up to now? Or maybe she sold the site to some poor sucker who doesn't know it's history. Shame.

Happy Birthday Missi !!! 
Not sure if you ever visit my blog anymore but I did remember that Today is your Birthday! Hope you're having a wonderful day... what's left of it that is. (Missi lives in Australia) 
For those of you who don't know Missi, she was the support person for 10dollarswonder many years ago after I quit. And if I remember correctly, she couldn't stand it either and also quit. LOL
In any case, Hope you're having a Great Birthday Kiddo and everything is going your way these days! Cheers xoxoxo

I really don't have anything else to report right now.
No big fires to put out or nothing all that exciting to tell you. Now if I had won millions in the Lottery or something, that would be different. So have a great evening :)


danish said...

Hey Judy,
ad2m has new url now, pnenowcom.
Still comes up as ad2million. No new messages since Feb.3/12.

blondie said...

Hi Dave,
Yes I saw that too but didn't want to post the URL to give it any hits, LOL
No clue about it other than that.
Have a good week!