Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Golden Path is Back

GoldenPath: is back up and running.
After you log in, read the announcement posted.
You must scroll down to see the entire post.
Then just click outside the box to view your member info.
They're still behind with the Subscription placements but I can report that I did cycle my first Matrix.
If your account has been removed, it's probably because you never funded and free members are not allowed. You'll just have to join again if you wish.
OK, that's all for now :)

JBP-JSS-Tripler: was waiting for a phone call to go out but... looks like I'm stuck here now. Soooooo just bought another healthy chunk of Tripler's to pass the time away.
- If you're having trouble getting to the site, use the URL with nothing after it. They are doing some changes to their pages and every so often I haven't been able to log in either. So it's not just you, OK

SafeRisk: is today their 40th day of payments since the start? Oooo I think it is. So 40 days x 2.5% daily = 100%. Now those of us who started on day 1 with a spend should be at a break even point. YaY! I've been real happy with the program and the Admin and can't wait to see our first complete cycle.

GBC: received my weekend profit share as always.
Thanks Gord :) been letting my account balance grow a little since I need to pay for another month of membership on the 18th. Don't forget now.

Someone in the forum just mentioned 'we're on our way'.
Well you know me ;)


doomcrew said...

Seems like alot of drama for a site like this but hope it has a long run.

blondie said...

Yeah I know what you mean.
Maybe they just weren't prepared for it's popularity.
Am also hoping for a long run.
Later :)

Bruce said...

Do you think the Golden Path in the future will have problems with USA members just because they use STP and AP payment processors?

By the way, do you receive refunds from Dave, T2MK yet? I haven't received it. I just can't believe Dave holds our funds for so long. Their sites are inactive for almost two months. He probably uses our funds to get bank interests for himself.

blondie said...

Hi Bruce,
I sure hope there won't be any problem with GP with regards to AP and STP. Although it's not their rules, meaning GP's rules. It's the dang US gov getting involved that's messing with our income.

In T2MK I didn't have a refund coming. I was a bit in profit and quit the whole thing.
Also have no clue what Dave is doing with the refunds or payments. Sure seems like he's sitting on a lot of money right now, ya know?
Sad :(

Mike said...

Hey Blondie, like your Two of Us video. I'm a big fan.

blondie said...

Thanks Mike,
Yes it's an excellent tune.