Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Starts Later Today

Just heard on the news that our Summer officially starts at 5 something this afternoon. Well, it's sort of funny that today is the coolest day we've seen in a while. Only going to be 78F which is great after having those 90's and 100's recently. Geez, and it's only June :(

JBP-JSS-Tripler: Routine Fraud Controls.
Been reading about some folks getting their payments temporarily blocked while JBP does a routine fraud check.
Well I don't blame them for being careful with members accounts. They need to be sure you have the correct payment account registered when you requested your withdrawal. And since you are only allowed one account per person, those who are attempting to cheat the system by collecting RC on themselves should be dealt with also IMO.
-- Someone asked me yesterday about the Restart Feed. It will start within 30-60 days from the Restart (which was May 25th), OK? Cool.

SafeRisk: running perfect so I'll probably withdraw tomorrow. I don't do withdraws every day like some others do. To each their own :)

GoldenPath: here's their latest update:
Dear Members,
This is an update concerning The Golden Path site. We know you must all be wondering what is happening with the site.
Unfortunately the site came under a DDOS attack and it had to be taken offline until we found a solution. We are now in the process of implementing that solution and although we do not have an exact time we will be up and running soon.
We would like everyone to know that no accounts will be deleted due to $0 or negative balances and that you will have time to fund your accounts if you need to once the site is back up.
Rest assured that your accounts are all safe as the program itself was not affected in any way. We apologize for the lack of communication but we wanted to give you accurate information.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

And I've read that some are able to log in now, but the site has not propagated to my area yet. So when it does and I can get in, I'll share more.
**OK it's up now and I just checked my account. Although there's no set time frame for cycling, am guessing they take the Subscription Fee before doing the cycling because my account balance is still going down. Also note that 'daily' cycling can not always happen. There is no set rule for that.
Glad I paid for a month at the start, which I hope will be enough considering their little 'problems' and down time etc. PS, minimum to fund is $20, IF you need to or want to.

New HYIP: getting some info on the new HYIP with regards to launch date. Looks like it could be ready for Pre-Launch on July 1st, with only a 2 day pre-launch before the actual opening.
(Are you seeing this Kev?) lol

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