Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Headlines: Colorado's Burning :(

- Yesterday afternoon lighting started a new fire close to the City of Boulder. I took this pic last night and as you can see it's not that far away from me either. But it's nothing compared to the fire burning in Colorado Springs right now which has got to be the worst I've ever seen here. So if everybody would say a little prayer for some rain in our State, that would be great.

- The first thing I usually do in the morning here online is check the MMG forum threads for the programs that I'm playing in. It sort of gets me prepared for what's happening ahead of time. But today, there had to be 30 pages for each of the GoldenPath and UnstoppableWhirlWind threads. Crazy. I don't have time to read all that. If it's good info being shared, that's wonderful. But if it's a wanna be Hacker posting or a cocky promoter bragging about the number of his downline... I can live without it and will do my own research.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: trying to get Payza out of JBP has been a real stinker lately. I just can't seem to find the right time to request a withdrawal. But like I said earlier, the forum can come in handy for good information. Thanks to my friend Wesley, I'm going to try this time frame next:

I usually have success withdrawing to Payza around 6am EST and if no luck I try again around 10pm EST and get it approved. I have only had the withdraw limit message pop up 3 or 4 times so far this year so I must be hitting the times right. 
- Still having trouble getting into STP. I should have received some funds there but can't log in to see if I really did or not. Well OK, will try again later.

UnstoppableWhirlWind: checked in to see that my first 2 subscriptions bought have cycled through "Whirlwind1" which pays $1.50 each. So I made $3 so far and paid $2 again today for those 2 subs. It's starting off better than the other one that is similar. But then again, this is only day 1 stats and the best time to play, is usually at the start. Good Luck to everyone who's joined!
- Here's a good part that I missed the first time around:
Repurchase eWallet : 25% of your earnings will be paid to your Repurchase eWallet. You will be able to repurchase "One-time" positions of $1 each from this eWallet. There will be NO DAILY SUBSCRIPTION REQUIREMENTS in respect to these "One-time" positions. All $1 "One-Time" positions go into the first 2x2 Grid (Whirlwind 1) and have the same earning potential as a $1 daily AD sub. 

- Yes I'm writing late today. Had to mow the lawn this morning before it got hot. Not so bad here today though, only 95F so far, LOL Sure beats that 100 degrees plus anytime!

SafeRisk: I keep forgetting daily earnings are a day behind. (Sorry for the ticket Admin.) As we get closer to that final 60 day completion, I'm getting a little excited as well as nervous. Excited that my original 1st day spend will come back to me. Nervous just cause, you know? Maybe I've played these games too long. But it sure is refreshing to see a program like this doing so well. Cheers and keep up the great work Admin!

TheGoldenPath: received a long update from GP. They finally let us know that the site has been under DDOS attack, so they've taken the site down.
The end of their message says:
As a direct result of these attacks, we have again moved to a new Host Server. For security reasons we will never divulge the name of the Server Host or their location.

As soon as all testing is complete The Golden Path site will re-emerge, stronger than ever.
We will endeavour to keep you advised during each stage of this process and we will post updates every few hours.
Each update will be time and date marked.
We acknowledge all of our Members for their Loyalty and Trust; and we are looking forward to leading you all down The Golden Path to a new and fabulous future with this company.
God Bless You All!

I'll post about it again after it comes back.

- My squirrels are so cute! When I sit here and write, I talk out loud while I'm typing. I just leaned forward to put the fan in the window, and one little squirrel must have heard me. He was sitting right at the bottom of the window looking up. Awwww, extra peanuts for you buddy.

GBC: got paid today for a couple of "Easy 40 Plans" that expired. Thanks Gord. I think I need to replace those now. Don't let me forget.

OK what did I miss ... 
Oh the well it's doing fine from where I sit. Over 3 months in operation now and I don't think I've given them enough credit so far.
Kudos to you Mint Guys!!! Doing a great job!!! (how's that?)


Randy V said...

Praying for some rain for your area Judy. Sure hope you are safe and hope the Colorado Springs area gets some rain very soon.

Hope you are having a good week.

blondie said...

Wesley, I posted your comment but it disappeared. Sheesh! Here it is:

Wesley has left a new comment on your post "Our Headlines: Colorado's Burning :(":

Hi Judy. I hope that time schedule works for you as well as it does for me. I am crossing my fingers for you!

Yes STP has been frustrating for me lately too. I hope they resolve their issues soon.

blondie said...

Hi Randy,
It just got dark and starting to Thunder. Hope there's no lighting involved this time.
Thanks for the good week wishes and hope the same for you.

Wesley, TY re Payza and agree on STP. But what cha gonna do?

Anonymous said...

yes i am very exited on unstoppableWW I joined you quickly! First level i have 2 positions filled now!! I am lucky to be in day 1 ... Lets see what this will bring! I saw photos of CO woman... thats bad.. is your house safe? I hope it is and wish u the best! greetz Ingrid

blondie said...

Hi Ingrid,
Yes I saw you joined U-WW. Thanks.
Hope we have a fun and profitable time too :)

Yes, Colorado looks bad right now. Somewhere between 100-200 homes burned in the Colorado Springs area already. I feel bad for all those folks losing their homes.

That one in Boulder is not far from me but it's not as bad. So I hope they get that one under control and out soon.


strosdegoz said...

OMG so much Jealousy ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blondie you are a hater and jealous, admit it!

blondie said...

You are one disrespectful young person, and you know it.

I haven't experienced jealousy or hate for a long long time.
It's childish and High School mentality.

Perhaps once you grow up and get some 'real life experience' under your belt, (and I don't mean the internet (roll eyes) you'll be able to comprehend where us grown ups are coming from.

Susan P said...

Hi Blondie!

I just had to check in and make sure my favorite Coloradan was OK. Glad to see that you are far from the major fires and I hope the one near you is contained soon.

I will do a rain dance for you/CO as long as Gord isn't watching, LOL!

Take care!

blondie said...

Hey Kiddo,
Good thinkin about the "Gord not watching" your rain dance, LOL

Yeah, we're still burning here but hope they can get them under control soon.

Take Care and am SO Happy to hear from you!!!

Gord said...

Did someone say Rain Dance!

Now that I would love to see.

Looking up the official
"Rain Dance" guide... for maximum
cloud cover and steady rain,
one should wear minimum clothing.
Bare buff is ideal."

I tried it and we are getting
a thunder and lightening storm
right now.(we actually

Whoa! Could be a whole new career
shift for me


blondie said...

Are you reading this?
(roll eyes) LOL