Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nasty Weather Coming Back

Colorado got hit with some nasty thunderstorms yesterday. My area wasn't in the path but today looks like it might be. Rain is great and helps everything grow, but it's that damn hail that can wipe out all my hard work in a matter of minutes.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: everything's been nice and quiet lately and Tripler's are still being bought like crazy. Personally I'm getting kind of anxious for Level2, Platinum's and the new Sites within the site, meaning the surf and TE. Patience blondie. All in good time.

SafeRisk: had another super fast cash out again yesterday. Getting closer and closer to having my spend back, which means I'm considering adding more. Just playing it by ear right now.

GoldenPath: could be coming back on line later today or tonight. I'll be waiting with open arms :) for some reason I can never think of what to say about this one. I guess I just do my surfing everyday and check the next day for my earnings. Maybe I haven't gotten 'into it' enough to appreciate it yet. Well in any case, it's doing fine and I've not seen any problems whatsoever.

- - - - - -
Was reading some forum posts yesterday and the term "Yes-Ma
n" came to mind. There are definitely some promoters out there that fit the bill. Whether they're a yes man or a yes woman, they are followers and ass kissers (so to speak) and don't seem to really care that you're the one who would be financially hurt from their 'rah-rah everything is great' (even when it's not) attitude. Think for yourself please and don't allow these 'paid posters' (which some of them are) to sway your opinion in the wrong direction.

Definition of YES-MAN

: a person who agrees with everything that is said; especially: one who endorses or supports without criticism every opinion or proposal of an associate or superior


yallit said...

The payment restriction for the States of California, Massachusetts and New York with Payza is an old news. lol! If I'm not mistaken, they had that issue since early to mid-April. I remember MyBrowserCash having that particular snag since they're located in New York but I believe they were able to address that issue since I (and other members outside US) was able to receive a payment from them just fine.

blondie said...

Well Hell ...
Maybe I'll just delete that part of my post then, LOL
Thanks for the update.