Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Canadian Moose Salute

To wrap up my June Birthday announcements, which were three birthday's three days in a row...

Last but not least is our Wonderful Blogger Friend Gordon!

Was cleaning out my old email the other day and noticed a chat between Gord and myself dated Sept 2008, and that wasn't our first chat either, but I don't remember the exact date we first communicated.

Now you all know Gord who blogs over at GordsHomeBiz and also runs the GrandBankClub program.
Gord's been blogging about as long as I have and his GBC is what... over two years old now? (I'm guessing, so Gord please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Bottom line is he's a great guy and I'm glad we got to be friends over the years. He's not a big promoter running over everyone (like you see others doing). He first analyzes new programs with a fine tooth comb before joining and/or sharing with others. Sometimes I don't agree with his findings, but as it turns out, he's got a pretty good eye for this stuff. So maybe I better pay more attention in the future, LOL

So Mr Gord (who I just read wants a new drug today (Huey Lewis lyrics in today's blog))... 
Hope you're having a great day and enjoying your older age (giggle).

(OK, I know it's not April 1st but this picture really does look like him. Don't you agree?)

GoldenPath: has sent out quite a few updates so I do hope you're signed up to receive them if you're a member. And Yes, the site is down now for a couple of days (or more?) for the server move. Bigger and Better we hope.
For those worried about the down time and their subscriptions:
IMPORTANT NEWS - Message From Stan -
No accounts will be deleted if they fall to a negative balance - You will be able to rectify them when the server comes back up.
Now that should make you feel better :)

Here you go Gord, Happy Birthday!


allanz said...

Hi Blondie !!

My birthday is in June too !! ,,,,the 21st ! First day of summer, birthday of Prince William, the Summer Solstice,,,,,AND ,,,,,,of course, im going on a little holiday to celebrate...LOL

Take care my friend !! :)

blondie said...

Hey Allan,
Enjoy your birthday holiday vacation, again, lol
Actually my birthday is the 30th but I don't make a big deal out of it. Just another year older :(
Take care and have fun!!!

allanz said...

Hi Blondie !

I'll be thinking of you on the 30th, while sipping Margaritas on the beach :):):) I'll do a birthday toast for you !! ,,AND ,,,I'll be checking in while away !!

blondie said...

Hey Allan,
Rub my nose in it, why don't ya? LOL
While you're sipping Margaritas on the beach I'll be sweating it out here doing my daily chores.
YOU have a wonderful vacation!!
Cheers :)

Gord said...

Hi Blondie,

Thank for that wonderful birthday

We do go back 'aways' don't we... and true, somethings we agree on and others we have different points of view. I blame it on the woman thing...lol

Great music video by my fav...
Huey. Can't get enough of his tunes and for the most part they are just as relevant and fresh to me today, as when he recorded them.

Have a great day down there in the US of A.

blondie said...

Gord I'll tell you this again...

the 'woman thing' has nothing to do with who's right and who's wrong.
"Yes Dear" is always in order, LOL

Glad to hear from you even though it's a couple of days late. I posted too late in the day for you to catch it on your Birthday though, so it's my fault, sort of.

Happy Birthday Cheers!