Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Colorado's On Fire, Again :(

My friend Paul in Hawaii sent me this News link.
Wanted to know if I am close to that area or not. Well, Ft Collin's isn't that far from me but far enough where I don't feel threatened. The mountains behind my house are hazy from the smoke blowing this way and you can smell it in the air too. Pretty nasty stuff for sure. What's worse is, our summer is just starting and it's so frickin dry here, there's no telling what could be on the burner for the rest of the season :(

JBP-JSS-Tripler: joined the "JBP Elite Marketing Group" the other day via email invitation (which I'm sure you all got). They attempted to have their first conference call yesterday but the site wasn't cooperating with Lavour, the speaker. So it was cut short and they'll try again today. The time for it is from 4:00-4:30 EDT which is perfect for me since I'm 2 hours behind. Makes it right after lunch and before I need to think about what's for dinner :)
*** 11:30 my time: Site is down for everyone, not just you.
*** 12:10 site is back up, just a little sluggish.

SafeRisk: is doing great. Every day my daily earnings show up and again today, I requested a cash out.
There was some silly Monitor in the forum the other day stating that he was going to put SR on 'problem' status cause his payment wasn't received within 12 hours. I about went through the roof! As it turned out, he was in the wrong thread of the forum. Duh. Wish people would be more careful when they're so anxious to post crap about 'other' programs.

GoldenPath: tried to listen in on the call last night but their online conference room wouldn't load for me. Then I went ahead and dialed in. Unfortunately I ran out of time and had to leave, BUT the call was recorded for those who wish to listen to it. You'll see the link right after you log in.
They also sent out a Newsletter last night which you all should have received. Patience is the key word until they get everything 'up to snuff' and running smoothly again.

*** Just read Golden Path's latest update about submitting proof of who we are via two documents. And I must say I am NOT happy with that idea.
Someone over at MMG said:
The way I see it is if you have nothing to hide you will comply smile.gif Just to add, what a wonderful way to deter fraudsters and the like.
Wrong! My response was:
Well I have nothing to hide, nor am I a fraudster. 
I only signed myself up and have a few referrals. 

If they really DO end up requiring this from ALL of us ... 
then I need to think long and hard about it. 

Knowing how Identity Theft works... well let's just 
say I am not willing to hand over my information.
Proof of address is fine, but No More than that. 

Hope there is a change of events soon. peace.gif 

GBC: my funds keep growing at GBC so I purchased 2 more 40 Plans the other day. Gives me my max of 4 running now. Yes, Gord has set a maximum of 4 - Easy 40 Plans you can have running at one time, so that it's fair to everyone and no one can take advantage of it.

Mint.bz: doing my daily surfing and getting paid for it :)

AlertPay/Payza: just a reminder to those in the USA and not in one of the restricted States ... Payza has reopened it's Bank Transfer feature for us. As a matter of fact, I tried it out on June 8th and the funds were in my bank account today. Whoo Hoooo! Thanks Payza for the super fast service!

aDailyCash: please remember this one is TRASH!
There is some new bullshit announcement when you log into the site. (almost reminds me of ad2million and their crapola news). Well... I'll be real anxious to try to cash out my $2300.00 to LR on June 15th when they open it up. hahaha


Alan said...

To be fair to members of the Golden Path, I think the Admins Stan and Jason should show their identities to members as well.

blondie said...

Yep, like a hand shake, face to face.

I'll need to think this through a little more before I make a decision.
Maybe things will change in the next day or so.

Anonymous said...

I thought you only had to provide ID if you had multiple accounts in one household, all using the same computer? Isn't that what this means ...
'if you have multiple sign-ups from the same IP address , you must send documentation I.D. ONLY IF YOU ARE USING THE SAME PROCESSOR.'

blondie said...

Yes that is what that means.
But if you're getting their newsletters, they are asking Everyone to do it now because of the cheaters they found.
If you need the newsletter, let me know and I'll find the link for you.