Thursday, June 28, 2012

Senior Moment

If you click on the picture, it should open it up to a larger view so it's easier to read. (since my blog space is so small.) I really enjoyed it today myself, LOL (Thanks Dave)

JBP-JSS-Tripler: pay processor payments were a little delayed but are getting caught up now. I had a couple on the back burner that I didn't bug them about, and they both showed up today. Thanks JBP Team :)
- PS, I see their "Live Support" button is open now. Nice. I have nothing to contact them about but it's good to know that they're there when I need them.
-- JSS-Traffic Exchange JUST OPENED!
Going to check it out now...
Please view 25 webpages within 7 days
You need to view 25 webpages before you can withdraw funds
You've viewed 0 webpages in the last 7 days

Then, once you've viewed the 25 pages:
You have reached your target !!!
You have visited 25 urls in last 7 days

Looks like in order to withdraw from JSS or the Tripler now, we'll need to surf those 25 per week first?
That's my best guess anyway. Am sure that Frederick will talk about it on his call tonight. Coolio :)

Un-WhirlWind: no change since yesterday at this time, except for paying another $2 for my sub fees. In other words, no cycling has happened for me. It IS happening as I'm seeing others report, just not for me. So I'll check again later or tomorrow.
- 2-1/2 hrs later: checked again and still no change. Well, maybe tomorrow.

SafeRisk: getting anxious for the 30th when my first spend expires. Am thinking, if all goes well and I do get my spend back, I'll probably put it back in, or at least a good portion of it for another round.


Newbeinings said...

Not for me either on Unstoppable Spin

blondie said...

A few more hours.
Am about to post their latest update.