Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Heat Stroke Tumbling

JBP-JSS-Tripler: just a heads up if you've recently purchased Triplers. I bought some yesterday and they're still not placed. It's been about 22 hours now, so if you experience the same, don't be concerned about it. They're just taking a looong time, due to volume I'm sure.
- Tripler's were just placed. Took about 25 hours.
- Also still a day behind for crediting our Tripler earnings, as far as my own personal account that is. So today I received a 2% payment which means to me, that it was a Friday earning.

-- Went to watch Olivia at her Tumbling class again today. She was much more relaxed this time and was really getting into it. Although her Daddy seemed to be having just as much fun as she was, maybe even more! lol
Tell you what though, if it were outside, there's no way in hell I would go. We're hitting another 100F day today, tomorrow and the next day. (sigh)

Surf: the new surf that I though was scrapped, may be opening after all. It's only going to accept STP for now and maybe Payza in the future. I'll let you know.

SafeRisk: was just checking my account, made a new deposit, and noticed my first deposit expires on June 30th, my birthday. What a nice present that will be, if all goes well.

GoldenPath: site has been up and down all day. I checked in early on and it was fine. Now it's down again. Oh well, good thing I only check there once or twice daily. Not like some who are addicted to the "refresh" button.

GBC: received my weekend profit share from GBC already. is working as it should be. Nothing bad to report. All is good.

-- There's a New Program launching sometime next week that we're not supposed to share yet. Well, not in blogs or email ad's or forums (is my understanding). But I suppose some just want to get their 'list' prepared for it's opening. I'll share more with you when given the OK.

-- Just saw a panting cat plop down on my driveway. Poor thing. I took him a bowl of water. WHY do people lock their animals outside when it's a 100 f'ing degrees??? Argh!


Sue Bride said...

JSS Tripler seems to have had a new lease of life. A popular program is getting even more popular. I have had a huge amount of signups lately so it must be hard for them to keep up with the volume. I think the free $10 loan and the new advertsing pages has made a difference.

blondie said...

Hi Sue,
Yes I agree with you.
Despite all the little problems here and there, they are doing well.
Thanks for the comment :)

Elmer said...

There are reports that JBP is to open an autosurf.

blondie said...

That is correct Elmer, along with a TE.
But that's not the one I was hinting at.

Unknown said...

hi how is your cat now? Seems to bo hurted badly on her neck 15 days back.

blondie said...

Hi @amit,
The cat is doing good.
Need to take him back to the Vet sometime this week for his annual vaccinations.
Thanks for asking :)