Thursday, June 14, 2012

JBP Update and more

JBP-JSS-Tripler: some are having problems getting to the site. JBP is working on the site right now. There will be times when you either can't log in, can't get to the pages you want, or can't even open the main page. It is not a big deal and will be back to normal ASAP. Chill is the word for the day :)
Update: I think the site is coming around slowly because I'm starting to receive their emails again. YaY!
7:00 MST: just logged in, made a w/d request, and it was smokin fast as opposed to earlier. This afternoon when I tried, I was having flashbacks of being on dial-up, LOL

Golden Path: here's their latest update but...
Hello Members,
We are happy to let everyone know that the subs are now all up to date.

This is great news but we see that some members did not fund their ewallet with enough funds to cover the subs that were not yet charged.

If your account has reached $0 or below you have 48 hours to bring up your balance. At the end of the 48 hours the system will automatically delete accounts. If an account is deleted by the system we as admin cannot retrieve it. All deleted positions will turn to angels.

Please understand, we cannot stop this process, so PLEASE PLEASE make sure your accounts are funded. If you are having a problem funding your account please contact your sponsor for help.

Our next newsletter will cover the Indentification requirements and the security of your personal information. Please do not submit your identification until we advise you to do so or you will not be able to fund your Ewallet.

We want to thank our wonderful programmer for the great job he has done and would like to thank all of our members for your patience and understanding while we worked on getting everything working on the new server.

Thank You,
Stan, Jason, & Admin Staff

...then I'm reading this in the forum:

I also have a problem with the funding my e-wallet. Message " Please upload your IDs first and wait for Admin approval" appears. So, what I have to do? Send my ID documents? Worried about my account. 

So obviously something isn't working right.
I'm sure a member or two has notified them of this, so you would think a new update will be coming out later. Hope so for those who are stuck.


Gene said...

Hi Blondie!

Nice to see TGP back and caught up. I got a whack of payments in the past two days, wow.

That leads me to believe that they could be right we will be making $44 per subscription after 90 days.

I agree with you on the IDs stuff but don't know if there is a way around it. They are going to address it in the news.



blondie said...

Hi Gene,
Good to hear :)

I'm anxious to know more about the ID stuff too. Hope they come up with some other solution, I really do.


Elmer said...

History shows that sites that ask for proof of your identity stop paying not long after.

Petrus said...

Hi Judy,


As of today, I'm now in level 3 and also got some payments since the server transition and matrix updates.

blondie said...

Well Elmer,
That's not what I'm concerned about. Don't recall the last time someone asked for this info. Personally I don't like it. We'll see.

Good to hear Petrus!
I do hope you continue to do well in TGP :)

Cheers to you both!