Friday, June 1, 2012

Tough Love

Sometimes you need to be harsh to get your point across and I'm sure there's a few folks that would tell you that's how I am at times. Here in my blog I try to behave myself, but in private conversation, well... just ask the folks who have had to deal with me when I disagree with them. LOL

(^_^) JBP-JSS-Tripler - Everybody is Joining Us!
Our new JSS-Tripler positions bought hit a new all-time record on Wednesday and another all-time new record today. Thanks to all our promoters for helping make JSS-Tripler so successful! Please keep up the good work!
Picked up from the Conf Call today:
- Frederick also said on his call last night that measures have been put in place for Americans having issues with STP.
- If you receive a message saying "You cannot buy positions in this account", please submit a help ticket,
type UNABLE TO BUY POSITIONS in the subject line, choose topic Hacked.

- and the Restart Feed hasn't started yet.
That was about it for news.
I received another withdraw yesterday which I am always thankful for. Long Live JBP! :)

SafeRisk: nothing new to report, running great, was paid again today. Thanks Hugo.

GoldenPath: my subscription fees are coming out 1-2 days behind right now, but I'm pretty sure once they get on a better server, those will catch up fast.
As I mentioned when I first joined this, I funded my e-wallet with enough money to cover the fee for an entire month. This Sunday will be my first two weeks. Now reading news from others... I hope to see a little "action" in my account this coming week.
To those joining now, please read the site and understand that each subscription will cost you $2 per day for the life of the program. So please be careful not to overspend your budget.

GBC: already received a payment from the last 'Moose 40' that I bought AND got some profit share from the PIF's I bought on Wednesday. Thanks Gord and Baby. (I'll let him tell you about Baby. No, it's not what you think, hehe) well I went ahead and bought 1 more 'Spectacle Promo' yesterday and locked in the good rate. I've been purchasing new and re-purchasing with balance regularly so am at a pretty good level now. Might just watch the numbers grow and do another cash out pretty soon.

There's a new Kitty in the neighborhood that doesn't seem to have a home. He's been hanging around here, trying to make friends with my cats but they're sort of territorial.
Last night when I shut the water off outside, I heard him Meow from behind the bushes. I called for him and he came out, friendly as ever and of course, hungry. Well my cats are well fed so one of their dishes was put outside for the little guy. He gobbled it up so I gave him more.
Funny thing is ... you remember Freak? The black cat with the long haired bushy tail? This new guy looks an awfully lot like him. Makes me wonder, especially since Freak wasn't neutered.

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