Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back In Business

PneNow: Member count almost to 500
And good news about the STP maintenance:

News update 09/18/13 
STP glitch fixed; EgoPay; 300 times_cycled; Testimonials; 

STP glitch fixed;
STP glitch fixed. You may purchase now. The payout and positions cycling process is now resume normal.

Many members recommended to use hastle free EgoPay instead of Payza. We are in the process of setting up the EgoPay instead of Payza. If you have fund in the Payza, you can trade in with EgoPay.

300 times_cycled;
The 300 times_cycled promotion will end on 9/20/13. Ad2m positions renew will end on 9/26/13. Act now to take advantage of great promotion offers.

It is time to submit your testimonials. This is the best way to promote your business. The more we grow the more you will earn.

There was an additional glitch this morning with purchases and RC showing more than once. Admin caught it and it's all been adjusted now.

CenturionProfits: paid again yesterday, STP this time. Since I have funds in both Ego and STP, and you can only request one cash out per day... that explains two days in a row for a payment. Thanks Keith :)

AdClickXpress: did you guys read the requirements for becoming (or staying as) a VIP member?

Here is the current criterion:
Funding: $1,500 on a rolling 90 day basis for member
$5,000 total funding from First and Second level referrals
combined on a 90 day rolling basis.

Well... I am not a VIP member any longer. They took it away. But you know, I need to eat and pay my bills and can't afford to risk $1500. Oh well.

Took advantage of a dry sunny afternoon to fertilize my soggy lawn. Right when I was done the wind kicked up hard, like a tornado. Oh no! Usually high winds mean more rain! Well if it brings a few drops that would be OK but no more than that... please!

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