Tuesday, September 10, 2013

There Is Still Time

Pnenow: was surprised about 2 hours ago when I made a new purchase and still received the 300 cycle limit on that spend. Hmmm. Perhaps it won't change to 200 until after our first cycling tonight?
Cycling will start tomorrow night around 10:00 PM eastern time.
Well the way I see it, still time to get in for that little extra bonus. Oh and check this, only 2 more and we're at 400 :)
Total members now: 398
Later in the day: Total members now: 400

Cycle Time: first cycle completed but not correctly.
I sent Admin my back office stats and he's checking into it.
Hold off on support tickets, he's aware of it.
We'll have some answers tomorrow. It's late here and where Admin lives also so will check again when I wake up. Night

CenturionProfits: requested a payment today and of course 30% of it went to my re-purchase balance, so I bought a new plan with that too. Should receive my payment sometime tomorrow if Admin is on schedule.

ACX or ACX/CP: unfortunately I've seen no pay processors open today for withdrawals. A-oh, hope that is just temporary.
Will check it again after their server day change cause I think that's about the time they do payouts.
* And it worked! Logged in about 15 minutes after the top of their hour (new day) and saw some of the pay processors open. I requested and it was confirmed. So far, so good.

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