Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rain Continues Today and Tomorrow

As you can see, Colorado isn't very pretty right now.
I've been watching the National Guard helicopters fly by all day still on a search and rescue mission. With close to 200 still unaccounted for, you know this will be going on for awhile. It'll take some time for this water to recede or soak into the already saturated soil. And again today we have more rain coming (starting right now) and expected to rain tomorrow also. Not as much as earlier in the week but anything is too much at this point.

PneNow: I see some knuckleheads in forums already trying to cause trouble with the program. Sheesh. Not sure why they think that is necessary.
I know my readers here have been around for awhile and have played the majority of these games successfully. Of course we win some, we lose some, but we never Advertise using money that we can't afford to lose, right?

So with that said, I am really happy with the start of PneNow and noticed that we just hit member #450. That's a pretty good number for a new program and I'm sure once EgoPay (I hope) is added we'll see the count jump again.

A few folks have asked me for my strategy in this one. Oh I dunno. Maybe once it's stops raining I can shake my head (like a wet dog) and get my mind working again. It's been hard.

AdClickXpress: did you all see the shiny new green lights? Yuck! Well they're not new but they're still yuck IMO. Yes we saw them in ProfitClicking and it was hard as hell to grab one in order to withdraw.

So today, going in with that mindset, I opened the green light page. I sat there and saw all the pay processors displaying red lights. So I went to brush my teeth. Right before I got started, I heard this little jingle on my PC. I looked at the cat (who took over my chair while I was gone) and he said "I didn't do it". So I looked at the screen. Holy Cow, a green light for STP!

I quickly clicked on the Withdraw button, filled out the info, and got a "daily limit reached" reply. What? So I tried it again, same result. Hmmm

Closed the green light screen (yes the STP light was still green) and went back to "My Wallet" page. Decided to try to withdraw from there and... (drum roll please)... It Worked It Worked!

Now if you're having trouble with it, I hope you find that info helpful. Cheers and Good Luck!

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