Sunday, September 29, 2013

Glad That Sundays Are Quiet

Still fighting with my cold but I expect it to last for another week or more. So today I stocked up on vitamin C, cough syrup, cough drops, tea & honey, tissues and of course NyQuil.

- Pnenow: reminder: no cycling on weekends unless you bought new positions. See yesterdays post for details.
- Later in the day: Oops (giggle)
News update 09/29/13 - cycling swap;
cycling swap;
Our cycling scripts accidentally cycled all positions on Sunday. The cycling on Monday 9/30/13 will be those positions purchased on Monday 9/30/13 only. This is an one time only situation.

- Keystone: poor thing. Site is still up and down so we wait.

- AdClickXpress: thanks to my Cat, I got lucky again this morning and hit a green light for withdraw. I had the w/d screen all filled out and ready to hit confirm and left the room. When I checked back the screen had changed. Dang Cat walked over my keyboard again! So I had to sit down, reopen my browser then heard the ringtone. Not even checking which pay processor it was, I hit confirm and got it!
Treats for kitty tonight :)

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