Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Roller Coaster Ride

Sure has been a roller coaster ride this week with the Keystone opening.

One could only assume that if it's worth attacking, it must be worth something special.

Well I'm in and happy that I made that choice.

The site is up now but has been up and down all day. So once it's stable, I'll definitely have more to talk about.

BTW, I did manage to get a withdraw request in while it was up earlier and have been paid already.

Good Job Admin! Hang in there.

Pnenow: there's a new update in the member area:

Position cycling adjutment;
To encourage participation on Saturday and Sunday (slower days), only the new positions form Saturday will cycle on Saturday. All positions will cycle on Saturday When our membership reach 2,000only the new positions form Saturday and Sunday will cycle on Sunday. All positions will cycle on Sunday When our membership reach 5,000.

So if you didn't purchase any NEW positions today, you will not see any cycling tonight. Same goes for tomorrow. Only NEW positions purchased over the weekend will cycle on the weekend.

I certainly understand why he made this change since we're dealing with an Admin who doesn't want a program to last a month or less. He's in this for the long haul and so am I. And I do appreciate him keeping an eye on the numbers and making changes as he sees fit. Thanks Chung :)

Speaking of roller coaster rides, here's a cool video my friend Paul just sent me... Things I Can't Do. Wow!
(might want to full screen it to get the whole picture)

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