Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Rain Continues

Had to show you one more...

The Town Hall building didn't used to be right next to the General Store. It was moved by the flood waters and obviously got stopped by the store.
The worse news is, it's raining right now and those who were allowed to go back into their homes in Boulder are now being evacuated again. Oh my :(

PneNow: was surprised to receive an STP payout this morning from Pnenow. Perhaps he'll do them on weekends for a while to get the ball rolling. Thanks Chung!
Also last night before our cycling occurred, I did purchase another couple of handfuls of advertising positions. Guess I'm trying to get the ball rolling myself, lol

News update 09/15/13 
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AdClickXpress: with regards to the "green light" withdrawal request I got in yesterday... it was requested at 12:45 PM and received (paid) at 5:08 PM MST. That's got to be some kind of record for them!


Randy V said...

I've been thinking about you and following the news. Stay safe and if danger gets anywhere close, get to a safe area.

I really hope the rain stops and things improve.

Take care of yourself.


blondie said...

Thanks Randy,
Almost makes me wish I was one of our neighborhood squirrels who could just run up the tree in case of flooding.
But unfortunately, if I have to pack and go, it'll be a bit more difficult, especially getting the cats into a carrier.

Glad you're thinking of me and after today, we should be out of the woods.

Henry said...

I was thinking about you earlier this evening, watching the news in the UK...

I hope all goes well for you and your kitties.

Keep Safe

Best Wishes


blondie said...


I was just thinking about you the other day too wondering where you been lately?
Happy to see you here :)

Well it rained today, then stopped, then more rain coming later, then one more batch tomorrow I think and it should be done after that.

Crossing my fingers that my creek doesn't overflow.

Cheers :))